Frameworks and constructs

Dr. Johnson’s Experience, Context & Perspective (ECP) Framework is highlighted within The International Journal of Diversity in Education.

Dr. Johnson notes that having a lucid understanding of the relationship between advocacy and social justice, an awareness of privilege and a focus on J.E.D.I. standards, allows for an introspective approach to altruism.

Emotional Currency

The emotional toll we exert, (the “withdrawal” that we make), to support others who feel they have no place to turn, is an uncompensated transaction. See more in Higher Education Digest

Invisible Labor

See more in Inside Higher Education


We Are the Citation – Honoring Lived Experience within Academia

October 25, 2023 Dr. Jálin B. Johnson

In the early fall of 2023, I shared the hashtag #WeAreTheCitation as part of a social media calling associated with amplifying the voices of Black Women and members of the global majority within higher education and in spaces of scholarship.

Much like the embraced call to “Cite Black Women” (Smith, 2017), noting that “We are the citation” incites recognition. Doing so requires acknowledgment that the lived experiences of members of minoritized groups are significant and add valued perspectives to scholarly discussion. Additionally, this call denotes that these experiences should be equally valued among commonly cited authors and scholars within institutions of higher education (IHEs). One path towards honoring these lived experiences is accomplished by highlighting them alongside those from groups considered predominant within Western-influenced, IHE scholarship. 4 MIN READ

Five Ways to Support Your Diversity Officer – Attainable Action Steps for Leaders and Managers

May 2, 2023 Dr. Jálin B. Johnson

Across the higher education landscape, news of closing DEI offices has spread quickly among Diversity Officers (DOs). Related discussions surrounding the DO role in the private sector and among members of the academy, shared two central themes which caught my attention – job security and the value of this work. While some leaders and managers look for ways to encourage inclusion-driven best practices in IHE spaces, others are also seeking ways to support their DOs and the important work that we do. Below are five attainable action steps leaders and managers can implement in support of DOs who facilitate Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) centered efforts… 4 MIN READ

Invisible Labor and Emotional Currency

Jálin B. Johnson, Nakisha Castillo, Natalie V. Nagthall and Hawani Negussie describe the unseen impacts of higher ed’s cultural taxation on minoritized faculty and eight steps to help diminish those impacts. 5 MIN READ


Addressing Issues of Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education
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Invisible Labor and Emotional Currency: The Unseen Corollary Impact of Cultural Taxation in IHEs
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