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For over 25 years, Dr. Jalin has worked with organizations in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Through a variety of guided facilitations, presentations and targeted sessions for leadership, administration and employees alike, she has covered many prevalent topics for groups who are focused on J.E.D.I. centered leadership, management ethics, organizational behavior and change; making an impact in today’s business and organizational climate.

Leadership & Mentoring – Tailored Workshops
‘From Mentee to Mentor: Using CRM Solutions and Our Diverse Campus Community to Build a Successful Mentorship Pipeline Technology’ ‘Forum on
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Curriculum Development: Ethics & J.E.D.I. – Higher education & within the workplace
J.E.D.I. Competent Curriculum Review & Support Process Diversity Cognizant Curriculum Development; a view through the Experience, Context and Perspective (ECP)
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Consulting & Facilitation
‘Diversity, Politics and Leadership: Why Cognizant Leaders Know Diversity Counts’ – Keynote / Seminar “Effective and Efficient Engagement Best Practices for
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Presentations & Facilitations
Driving Institutional Change: Building Upon the Invisible Labor and Lived Experiences of Black, Minoritized, and Underrepresented Employees Association of American
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