Services and Solutions

Consulting & Strategy based specializations & expertise  –

Curriculum Development 

  • Corporate & Professional organizations 
  • Higher education 
  • K12
  • Not-for-profit

Diversity Cognizant Mentoring – Best practices & solutions

Guided Facilitations for Leaders and Managers

J.E.D.I. Centered Leadership strategy 

Strategic Initiative development  – Guided J.E.D.I. centered strategic planning

  • Accessibility Partnership
  • Advocating for Equity Initiatives
  • BIPOC APIDA AMEMSA focused advocacy and partnership initiatives
  • Cultural Events & Recognition
  • Gender Equity
  • Inter-generational Equity
  • Military & families – Focused advocacy and partnership initiatives
  • PRIDE focused advocacy and partnership initiatives


  • Conference
  • Keynote
  • Small & Large group engagements
  • In-person, hybrid & virtual 

Tailored for your Board of Directors, conference attendees, employees or community partners

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