Looking at Leadership

The Looking at Leadership series began as a series of thought pieces, concentrated on offering a voice to the unheard and underrepresented through literary driven discussion. Over the years, examining how as leaders and transformational change agents, we have an opportunity and responsibility to speak truth to power while offering a voice to others, has been a focal point.

The series has allowed Dr. Johnson to collaborate with students, colleagues, and peers within the academe and our diverse communities. As you’re Looking at Leadership, consider your role and how you too can advocate for others.

Lessons from an impatient Padawan
Looking at leadership: Lessons from an impatient Padawan By Dr. Jalin B. Johnson Eight and three. Those were the ages
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What the Oscars have taught us about a hashtag movement, industry ‘firsts’
Looking at leadership: Oscars edition By Dr. Jalin B. Johnson It may not surprise you that in 2018, we are
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Looking at leadership: Wakanda edition
From the crossroads of character, diversity and ethics By Dr. Jalin B. Johnson I once read a story about a
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