Nancy Salzman, Esq.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jalin Johnson throughout the time that I’ve been at Brandman University.  Jalin has always demonstrated knowledge of our students’ and organizational partners’ needs in working with them to provide education and training services aligned with the Brandman mission and vision while also aligning with the students’ and partners’ mission and vision.  

On an externally focused basis, Jalin listens closely to our organization clients’ discussions of their workforce needs and skill gaps.  She has prepared and delivered education and training to those organizations resulting in a continuing request for her services.

Internally, Jalin has mentored instructors and staff working with School of Extended Education in order to assist our Brandman workforce in engaging our student and organization client base and providing high quality education and training.

Please accept this as my recommendation for the promotion of Jalin Johnson.

Nancy Salzman