Victoria Lim

I always picture Jalin Johnson standing tall in a light breeze, a cape flowing behind her and a large “L” on her shirt – for “leadership”, of course.

Fortunately, I know her not just as a fan of the comic book/superhero genre, but as one who makes anyone feel like they too can be a leader; someone who can stand up for the powerless and voiceless, be a critical thinker and thoughtful contributor to a conversation, a class, an organization and society.

I was fortunate to work with Jalin in two capacities: first, as the former assistant vice chancellor of communications for Brandman University, Jalin shared her perspectives in a monthly blog that related leadership teachings to pop culture. This made learning accessible – and interesting – to a wider audience, not just those studying for their BAOL or MAOL. She’s creative, relatable and smart. One example is her collaboration with professors from two other disciplines that resulted in a post showcasing Harry Potter-themed leadership lessons from several perspectives. It highlighted the broad expertise and education offered at Brandman University.

Second, on a personal note, she was also my first professor when I started pursuing my own degree. Her commitment to her students’ success was evident by the resources she shared, her accessibility, her thought-provoking conversations (even online) and general enthusiasm for wanting us to grow, learn and succeed.

Jalin is collaborative and inclusive.

She sees how diversity – thinking about it, teaching it, and representing it – can positively impact Brandman. She is a delight to work with and an inspiration for those of us working towards our degree.

Thank you for considering her promotion.

Victoria Lim, Vice President, Strategies360

Former Assistant Vice Chancellor of Communications, Brandman University



Lindsay Amanda Racen

Dr. Jalin Johnson has been my esteemed colleague for over 7 years.

Her passion for higher education and Brandman University impacts every person she comes into contact with.

Jalin has a unique ability to inspire others through her leadership and collaborative spirit.

She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her students and works diligently with her academic peers to advance the university’s service with our students’ best interests in mind.

As a lifelong learner, Jalin continuously seeks new ways to advance Bradman’s reach within its academic communities by sharing her expertise, often serving on committees and presenting at conferences to extend learning.

She has superior communication skills and builds personal connections that are meaningful and impactful.

I’m proud to call her my colleague and friend and recommend her abilities with my highest regard.

Lindsay Amanda Racen Dir, New Intiative Development, Marketing