Dr. Christine Zeppos

It is my honor to recommend Dr. Jalin Johnson for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. There are few individuals who have impacted the university in so many different capacities as Dr. Johnson has during her tenure at Brandman.

First, Dr. Johnson developed the best practices in recruitment of high level leaders throughout the state as we launched our doctoral program in transformational leadership and change. The quality of her interactions and her astute ability to network and build trust was a significant reason highly qualified candidates chose to matriculate to Brandman’s brand new program, over competitors with longer histories and well-known names.

While no person has been able to fill her shoes in the outreach role, I have been thrilled to have Dr. Johnson as a treasured and trusted colleague as faculty in the School of Business and Professional Studies. As an interdisciplinary program, Dr. Johnson’s contributions to our doctoral program are highly valued. She has had a profound impact on our students through excellent instruction, by serving on dissertation committees, by contributing to important immersion activities, and by serving in the important role as a member of the Internal Review Board.

In addition, her sage advice and support on university-wide committees, particularly as member and Vice Chair of the Faculty Personnel Committee, were instrumental in continuing to foster a culture of trust between deans and the faculty. These are just a few highlights of Dr. Johnson’s contributions, but I would be happy to provide additional insight if needed.

Dr. Christine G. Zeppos