Vandalyn Crayton

There is a positive link between adjunct/faculty staff and student retention when efforts are made in conjunction with the advising community. Here at Brandman we have made great strides with the relationship developed between the advising group and our adjunct/faculty personnel. Students have experienced greater success as the lines of communication between the faculty and advisors is prominent ensuring students are staying on task, attending classes, and being plugged into available resources to assist with the day-to-day challenges many students face. I would attribute some of this success to the professional development workshops that have been developed here at our campus. We have faculty, deans, adjuncts, and advisors who attend and brainstorm on how best to address the needs of our students. These developmental workshops give each of us insight to the varying levels of interaction the student might have to better understand their needs and options for solving their educational challenges. Vandalyn Crayton