Dr. Julianne Zvalo-Martyn

I  have only known Dr. Johnson for a few months, but in her orbit it does not take long to enter into a collaborative and joyful collegiality full of creative potential.  (We met at the faculty retreat in the spring of 2018).

Though I did not know her, I did know of her and most definitely admired her grace and poise from afar.

This chance meeting and discussion of all things Harry Potter grew into an enjoyable collaboration on an article on leadership for Dr. Johnson’s blog.   It is a testimony to Dr. Johnson’s ingenuity, creativity and generous collaborative nature that from this brief encounter, a cross-school relationship developed (also including Dr. Ellen Belluomini from Social Work).

Because of her high level of organization and concise writing skills, the project was easy from my end.  She inspired me do my best work, and kindly promoted my professional development at the same time.

Dr. Johnson is an important member of Brandman University, and would be valuable to any organization in which she is involved. She is professional and at the same time truly fun to be with. She is knowledgeable, intellectual, forward thinking while also gracious and easy.  She truly inspires me to do better, think bigger, and participate more fully in my profession. I feel lucky to have met her!

Dr. Julianne Zvalo-Martyn

School of Education