David M. Long, J.D.

I am pleased to offer this letter in enthusiastic support of the appointment of Dr. Jalin Johnson to Associate Professor.

I have come to know Dr. Johnson as one of my faculty colleagues on the Brandman Institutional Review Board (“the Board”), where I have served for the past three years. I believe Dr. Johnson’s service on the Board predates mine.

I have come to know Dr. Johnson as a thoroughly professional and highly competent colleague.
A major part of our duties as Board members include thoroughly reviewing and presenting assigned applications to the Board for approval. Dr. Johnson has served numerous times with me on assigned applications in both primary as well as secondary reviewer roles. While some applications are relatively straightforward and present no major issues, certain applications are more involved and present more complex issues.
Dr. Johnson has proven to be a highly skilled presenter and reviewer, having the ability to quickly get to the crux of any problems an application might present. She also has demonstrated skill in quickly assessing what revisions should be made and then, if necessary, soliciting feedback from the Board.

Through our mutual service on the Board, I have had the opportunity to come to know Jalin not only as a colleague, but as a friend as well. I have observed her demonstrate both intellectual and emotional intelligence in her interactions with a diverse range of colleagues on a wide range of issues.

She is truly special and I am in enthusiastic support of her appointment to Associate Professor.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

David M. Long, J.D.
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
T 510-759-8381