Equity and Intersectionality: Considering Student Identities and Experiences

Being invited to kick-off the Faculty Series coordinated by the Academic Advising Professional Development Committee, was truly an honor. I was proud to be joined this week by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Lata Murti, as we presented “Equity and Intersectionality: Considering Student Identities and Experiences,” at the inaugural Faculty Series event.

This follow up to the June 2019 Advising Summit (collaborative Keynote session) ‘Experience, Context and Perspective; Connecting with our students, hearing their stories & cherishing the narrative,’ was yet another effort by our pioneering Academic Advising team, to continue important discussions surrounding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice. Thank you all again for the gracious invitation and for all that you do for our community and to support our students & peers within the academy.

*A special thank you Courtney Crosta, Taylor Vartanian, Patricia Popovich, Dr. Donald B. Scott and Dr. Lata Murti for your scholarship and partnership.

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