Addressing Issues of Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education through Valuing Lived Experiences

Author(s): Jalin B. Johnson, Nakisha Castillo, Dustin Domingo, Leticia Rojas, Donald B. Scott

Keywords: Cultural Competence, Diversity, Equity, Experience Context and Perspective Framework, Inclusion, Institution of Higher Education (IHE), Lived Experiences, Impostor Phenomenon, Inclusive Classroom, Narratives, Students


Through the lens of the Experience, Context, and Perspective framework, addressing the Cultural Competence Continuum and Impostor Phenomenon, this article discusses ways to better connect with and serve students within institutions of higher education. The authors examine the impact of lived experiences in the classroom, workspace, and personal life, including acknowledging barriers and feelings of inadequacy, in an effort to develop competency, as educators, working with diverse students. The concluding discussion addresses implications to help faculty, administration, staff, and students understand the power of overcoming their own internal and external challenges in order to empower them to strengthen their authentic voice.


Citation: Johnson, Jalin B. , Nakisha Castillo, Dustin Domingo, Leticia Rojas, and Donald B. Scott. 2021. “Addressing Issues of Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education through Valuing Lived Experiences.” The International Journal of Diversity in Education 21 (2): 79-91. doi:10.18848/2327-0020/CGP/v21i02/79-91.

Extent: 13 pages

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