OEI J.E.D.I. Day (Inaugural)

In December of 2020 – when first taking on the role of Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion/Diversity Officer – the vision that was “OEI J.E.D.I Day” was but a seed.
A hope for our community to come together and engage with one another surrounding discussions focused on justice, #equity, diversity and inclusion, held the promise of transformational change.

This MayThe4th – that vision of hope became a reality.
It took collaboration, partnership, trust, altruism and advocacy.
It was but for the tireless efforts of Hugo Yepez, M.Ed. and the unwavering support from Jenny Min Jung Park that this vision of hope was realized.

It is due to the time, passion, commitment, diversity of thought, and trust given by so many students, alumni, staff, faculty and administrators in our community, that the world’s first ever OEI J.E.D.I. Day was realized.

I am humbled.
I am thankful.
I am hopeful.

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