Curriculum Development: Ethics & J.E.D.I. – Higher education & within the workplace

  • J.E.D.I. Competent Curriculum Review & Support Process
  • Diversity Cognizant Curriculum Development; a view through the Experience, Context and Perspective (ECP) Framework
  • Diversity & Representation in Course Development
  • Diversity, Politics & Leadership: Why Cognizant Leaders know Diversity Counts Keynote / Seminar
  • Ethics in Leadership – Employee, Management & Leadership Development
  • Ethics 101: The Significance of Maintaining High Ethical Standards in the Workplace’
  • Equity and Intersectionality: Considering Student Identities and Experiences

Guided Trainings 

  • Conflict Management – Employee, Management & Leadership Development
  • ‘College readiness and collegiate expectations’
  • Equity & Representation in Curriculum development
  • Professional Development (PD) Adjunct Faculty – Workshops

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