Miguel Aranda

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson for the past 6 years at Brandman University and a few years prior while I was at the University of Redlands.

In all of my interactions with her, she has demonstrated several key characteristics/qualities including professionalism, care and concern for the well-being of her students and a capability to demonstrate effective teaching.

As a Director, I have always welcomed her to Menifee classrooms because the students love her classes and the quality of instruction she provides.

Also as a Director I am astounded by the amount of course development, committee work, and community work she does on behalf of the University.

She has personally helped me with workshops at the City of Menifee, and with growing the business courses at the campus.

I highly recommend her for the promotion to Associate Professor as she is a tireless advocate for the quality of instruction and coursework and faculty that make Brandman University the choice for business students in our community.

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