Dr. Lata Murti

More than any other Brandman faculty I know, Dr. Jalin Johnson understands the importance of connection.

She makes it a point to reach out and support her colleagues not only when the need arises, but also whenever there is an opportunity to appreciate their ideas and accomplishments in any forum.

I will never forget the card I received from her at my Santa Maria campus office, in the summer of 2015, congratulating me for receiving the 2015 Brandman Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award. I am still so touched by the gesture, because she and I had hardly communicated with each other at that point. I didn’t even know that she knew who I was or that she had paid attention to my award, when she herself had received the 2015 Faculty of the Year Award for the School of Business and Professional Studies. Yet, she took the time to send me a hand-written note focusing on my achievement, even taking the time to look up my campus office address to make sure it reached me by mail.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Johnson for a panel presentation on using technology to teach and mentor military and veteran students, for the 2018 Hawaii International Conference on Education, and also as part of the BU-Virtual Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW)’s Committee on Diversity (CoD).

During both projects, Dr. Johnson’s pro-active collegiality distinguished her as a leader.

Indeed, as the 2017-2018 Diversity Chair for the BU-Virtual Branch of AAUW, Dr. Johnson initiated and led the Committee on Diversity (CoD).

I always looked forward to communicating with her, whether by e-mail or in a virtual meeting, as a member of both the conference panel and the CoD.

Dr. Johnson possesses an admirable talent for facilitating thoughtful and inclusive discussions. She listens carefully to everyone’s ideas, validates them, uses them as a point of departure for further collaboration, and makes sure that all actions taken respect everyone’s input, not just the input of a few. And she makes it look effortless!

I have learned so much from observing the way she runs meetings and presentations. And I can’t wait to collaborate with her further in the future!

Lata Murti, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology Online Campus

murti@brandman.edu T 323.309.7795 (cell)

Brandman University

Robert Brown

Dr. Jalin Johnson is amongst my professors in my undergrad studies that left a lasting impression on me. Dr. Johnson creates a learning environment that helps to relate key concepts and theories in an understandable way to all students. She encourages everyone in class to become involved and helps us to identify past accomplishments and failures that relate to course topics. Personally I was apprehensive to start my graduate work, my mind was set at ease when I found out Dr. Johnson would be my first professor towards a graduate degree. From my experience with her before, I knew that the course would not only be enjoyable but I would have a professor who knew how to reach her audience and help them become better leaders. She utilized tools like ice breakers, group projects and in class discussion that made class enjoyable and the highlight of my week. She utilized stories from personal experience and personally developed in class presentations that made every night in class memorable. Robert Brown rbrown4@mail.brandman.edu

Dr. Shelly Neal

My name is Shelly Neal, Ph.D., and I work as the Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives at Brandman University. I have known Dr. Jalin Johnson for almost ten years, and during some of that time I served as her supervisor. Dr. Johnson is a positive, professional individual who is well liked and respected by her students and peers. She is a team player and is always willing to help out on any project she can benefit.

Dr. Johnson transferred from my division to the School of Business and Professional Studies. She continues to help the Outreach Division by providing training sessions on group calls, representing faculty at community outreach events, and presenting at professional conferences and workshops. She is incredibly patient and generous with her experience and expert knowledge.

Dr. Johnson is very loyal to Brandman University and we are fortunate to be represented by someone of her caliber. I understand she is up for promotion. I have no hesitation giving her my highest recommendation. We are lucky to have her as part of our Brandman team. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Shelly Neal, Ph.D.

Dr. Shelly Neal Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives


T 949.542.0331 C 949.542.0331

Dr. Sharon Floyd

Dear Faculty Personnel Committee:

I am writing this letter in support of Dr. Jalin Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor within the School of Business and Professional Studies. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Johnson for the past four years, and have come to know her as a proactive and engaged member of our faculty team. She continually looks for ways to bring our team together, whether it be through more formal avenues – such as faculty or curriculum team discussions, or through more informal gatherings, with faculty from other schools.

Dr. Johnson’s positive approach to her work, is enjoyable to observe. She is confident stepping outside of the traditional boundaries of her role, and is always willing to partner with other schools and departments to produce quality work. Whether it’s coordinating the Annual Inland Empire Personnel Development Days, working with the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) on voice-over projects, participating on Brandman’s Internal Review Board (IRB), or partnering with the doctoral students in the School of Education, she can be counted on to contribute wholeheartedly, and with excellence!

In addition to her work with faculty and staff, her contributions to student success, is also noted. A couple of years ago, she had a group of Inland Empire students that needed a little more hand-holding than the general student population. She took this group of adult learners, and paired them with full-time faculty, in an effort to provide career counseling and support. Dr. Johnson moves with confidence, when working in even the most challenging of situations — never wavering, and always looking to provide opportunities that “stretch” her students.

Dr. Johnson was the first of our faculty team, to complete the BCDC Program, and has continued to implement the tools and lessons learned while engaging in the program. She is an advocate for quality curriculum, and executes with excellence, during the revision of current courses, and the development of new courses and programs.

Lastly, for the reasons stated above — and many more — I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor, within the School of Business and Professional Studies.

All the Best,
Sharon R. Floyd, EdD, SHRM-SCP
Associate Dean, School of Business and Professional Studies

Dr. Monica Shukla-Belmontes

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Jalin B. Johnson over the past four years. During this time, Dr Johnson has gone above and beyond her role as a faculty member to bring light to the university’s strategic objectives.

In addition to her role teaching and mentoring students and adjunct faculty as a full-time faculty member, Jalin has also done extensive work with outreach associates, the School of Education, and the Inland Empire campuses. Specifically, she has led presentations for doctoral students during Immersion and been the lead coordinator of Adjunct Faculty professional development opportunities for the Riverside County faculty.

Through these networking opportunities and connections between campus affiliates, Jalin helps to create synergy to positively promote student retention. Her university efforts and quality of her teaching style have earned her recognition as the recipient of the Chancellor’s C.A.F.E. Award, School of Business and Professional Studies Faculty of the Year Award, and university-wide Faculty of the Year Award. In addition, she has been a member of the IRB Committee and Faculty Personnel Committee, which provide a campus-wide service to the institution. More specifically, as an Associate Dean, I have worked closely with Jalin with respect to Program Assessments and Program Reviews, the development of the CBE programs (BBA/MAOL), curriculum updates, and numerous conference presentations. She clearly understands the process through which our course learning outcomes must align back to the program and institutional learning outcomes, and has collaborated to develop more streamlined course rubrics. The quality of her work exemplifies both her leadership skills and understanding of effective curriculum design. She serves as an example of effective teaching, mentoring, and collegiality. It has been a pleasure co-presenting with Dr. Johnson at the American Association of University & Colleges conference regarding the competency-based education programs. Overall, I strongly recommend that Dr. Johnson receive the promotion to Associate Professor as she exemplifies quality in leadership and academia. All the best, Monica Monica Shukla-Belmontes, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Curriculum, Assurance of Learning and Tutorial Faculty Affairs Assistant Professor, Business Administration mshukla@brandman.edu T 714.606.9001

Dr. Sam Bresler

Dear Dr. Bullock:


I have known Dr. Jalin Johnson in several capacities within Brandman University during the past five years.

First, Dr. Johnson and I have served as members of the Dissertation Committee of a former colleague and executive at Brandman University – Dr. Ram Singh. Dr. Johnson was a strong contributor to Dr. Singh’s learning process and reflective feedback. The questions posed by Dr. Johnson following Dr. Singh’s proposal defense and final defense presentations were insightful, carefully probing Dr. Singh’s assumptions, observations and conclusions. Her suggestions were delivered clearly but with collegial gracefulness.

I have also served with Dr. Johnson as a member of the School of Business and Professional Studies’ Public Administration, Human Resources and Organizational Leadership Curriculum Team (PAHROL CT). Dr. Johnson continues to demonstrate her commitment to the highest standards in course design. The contributions that she has made in the (re)design of her own courses, along with the ideas that she has shared with PAHROL CT colleagues who surfaced their own proposed curriculum changes, were substantial and delivered with care and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

Finally, during the past few months, I have been privileged to serve with Dr. Johnson as a member of the Brandman University Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). In addition to serving in an active capacity as a facilitator within our Chapter, Dr. Johnson has been in the forefront of communicating to our members the importance of responding to the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) call for higher education institutions to “…fulfill the promise of American Higher Education by promoting diversity and equity.”  

To summarize, Dr. Johnson communicates with eloquence, persuasiveness and passion. She continues to actively serve the needs of Brandman University’s students, faculty colleagues, and the institution as a whole. She is energetic and continuously displays a collegial and collaborate communications style. She has also been gifted with the ability to communicate complex concepts in a manner that enables rapid assimilation and understanding.

I believe that Dr. Johnson fully deserves elevation to the role of Associate Professor, and I’m honored to share my perspectives on her capabilities.  



Sam Bresler


Samuel J. Bresler, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP

Special Assistant to the Provost

Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Affairs

School of Business and Professional Studies

Professor, Human Resources and Business Administration

Dr. Laura Galloway

Dr. Jalin Johnson and I have worked together for over 5 years, and during that time I have watched her collaborate, partner, facilitate, lead, improve and guide several important initiatives and processes for the university. Jalin is professional with every person she is in contact with and in every way. Dr. Johnson, has demonstrated an active interest and aptitude for excellence in teaching, mentoring and service to the University. She received the “Faculty of the Year” award as voted on my the entire University faculty body. She was a member of the inaugural BCDC program launched by BU’s CII department. Her development work continues to be a highlight and has set a new standard of interaction and engagement for course development. Furthermore, she continues to support, guide and mentor students through the difficult process of creating and writing their dissertations in the EdD program. Dr. Johnson is one of the most involved and collaborative faculty members I have seen at Brandman. She is the Diversity director of the AAUW committee, she coordinates and leads the Meniffee Business Advisory Board as well as the Faculty Training for the Ontario Campus. Dr. Johnson is an excellent instructor, innovative course developer, powerful mentor, strategic promoter, and dependable colleague. Dr. Johnson’s work will continue to drive Brandman University into the next level of excellence. Laura M. Galloway, PhD Assistant Professor, Business and Professional Studies Cell: 858.353.9956

Dr. Gale Mazur

I fully support the recommendation to promote Dr. Jalin Johnson to Associate Professor. In collaborating with her on numerous projects, I’ve found she is a congenial team player who is committed to excellence and innovation in all she does.

Examples include:

ILO Revisions: Collaborating with the Assessment Office, Dr. Johnson and I are leading a project to update and merge the ILO and PLO curriculum maps for the BBA, BAOL and BSCT programs; this effort includes significant revisions to signature assignments.

Course Design: Having completed BCDC, Dr. Johnson works closely with Cii, the Curriculum Team and adjuncts in reviewing and revising courses to ensure they are relevant and current. My oversight courses have benefited from collaborating with her on updates.

Program Assessments/Reviews: Dr. Johnson has actively contributed to several BAOL and MAOL program assessments and reviews, and implemented action plan recommendations in courses for which she has oversight. Her understanding and commitment to these important processes is impressive.

Teaching: I frequently have students who praise Dr. Johnson as an outstanding instructor and mentor who willing shares her expertise These are just a few of many examples of Dr. Johnson’s leadership and commitment. She is a dedicated faculty member who role models Brandman’s values.

Gale Mazur, Ed.D. Associate Professor Organizational Leadership and Human Resources Business and Professional Studies Brandman University

Mazur@brandman.edu T 949.300.7055

Dr. Ellen Derwin

It is my pleasure to support Dr. Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor.

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Johnson on curriculum and assessment projects for the School of Business and Professional Studies. In particular, I was fortunate that Jalin volunteered to serve in a leadership role to integrate Institutional Learning Outcomes with Program Learning Outcomes.

This project was a large institution-wide initiative that required a rich understanding of assessment. Jalin not only demonstrated a thorough understanding of program assessment, but she also shared dedicated enthusiasm for work that many faculty do not easily embrace.

Jalin’s commitment resulted in improved signature assignments and rubrics, which contribute to enhanced curriculum, teaching, and learning. In my experience with Dr. Johnson, I have admired her perseverance, sincere concern for students and colleagues, and upbeat attitude.

Ellen Baker Derwin, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Assessment and Planning Associate Dean, Curriculum and Assurance of Learning

School of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor, Communications

T 949.706.7214 C 714-308-5646

Miguel Aranda

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson for the past 6 years at Brandman University and a few years prior while I was at the University of Redlands.

In all of my interactions with her, she has demonstrated several key characteristics/qualities including professionalism, care and concern for the well-being of her students and a capability to demonstrate effective teaching.

As a Director, I have always welcomed her to Menifee classrooms because the students love her classes and the quality of instruction she provides.

Also as a Director I am astounded by the amount of course development, committee work, and community work she does on behalf of the University.

She has personally helped me with workshops at the City of Menifee, and with growing the business courses at the campus.

I highly recommend her for the promotion to Associate Professor as she is a tireless advocate for the quality of instruction and coursework and faculty that make Brandman University the choice for business students in our community.

Miguel Aranda Site Director

28237 La Piedra Road Menifee, California 92584 Bldg. 2008

951- 676-1784 | Fax: 951-308-2607 | Text: 951-595-3234

Mary Acosta

Dr. Johnson takes her responsibilities as course coordinator seriously.

She is proactive in reaching out to instructors, keeps them informed throughout the term and makes herself available at all times.

I have found Dr. Johnson to be extremely professional in her interactions with me (an adjunct faculty).

She is prompt, courteous, and focused on providing relevant and timely information.

I teach for Brandman University nearly every term of the year, and I find Dr. Johnson — when seen over the broad spectrum of course oversight — to provide an extremely high level of course coordination/oversight.

She is simply at the top of her game!

Best regards — Mary Ann

Mary Ann Acosta OLCU adjunct faculty phone 253-363-1287

Patric Schine

Jalin Johnson is my hero.

Since meeting Dr. Johnson more than 3 years ago through FPC, I have been in constant awe of her.

She is dynamic, forthright, innovative, compassionate and the true epitome of a leader and educator.

I have seen her engagement with her peers and consistent kindness towards others. She has taken the lead in meetings and has, thus, set the tone for a collaborative work environment.

Her respect for the university and for others is evident in her character.

I highly support her promotion to Associate Professor!

Regards, Dr. Patric Schine, DNP, FNP-BC Assistant Professor, Director FNP Program, Brandman University Marybelle and S. Paul Musco School of Nursing and Health Professions


MSNaHP: 949-341-9940 Fax: 949-754-0499 Cell: 949.379.0656

Dr. Timothy Perez

Jalin embodies all the ideal qualities that one would expect and desire of a Brandman faculty member: integrity, dedication, enthusiasm and collegiality.

Personally I have had the privilege to collaborate with Professor Johnson in two key Brandman committees: the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC). During such time she worked efficiently and collaboratively with all fellow committee members. As a fellow colleague in the School of Business and Professional Studies (BP&S) she provides respected and well-thought feedback during curriculum team activities. She is a true team player and brings joy and smiles to everyone she works with.

Professor Johnson is an invaluable asset to our school and I can only offer her the highest praise and accolades!

Tim Dr. Timothy J. Perez, D.Sc., CISSP, MCSE Associate Professor of Information Systems Management School of Business and Professional Studies C 714.904.5044

Dr. Carlos Guzman

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson for over 5 years in the capacity of doing research, presenting and serving on Brandman’s Institutional Review Board.

She is highly knowledgeable, collaborative, creative, thorough and a joy to work with.

Carlos V. Guzman, PhD Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership Diversity/Quantitative Methods Lead

Institutional Review Board (IRB) School of Education

cguzman@brandman.edu www.brandman.edu

c: (949) 903-2058

Alan Enomoto

Simply put, Dr. Jalin B. Johnson is the consummate academic professional. Teaching courses in both the School of Business and Professional Studies, as well as in the School of Education provides her with the unique perspective of working with students who seek to earn degrees that encompass three levels of higher education including the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and the Doctorate in Education Organizational Leadership programs.

Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Johnson for many years serving on Brandman University’s Institutional Review Board (BUIRB) where she is one of its most respected members.

I’ve also observed her commitment to assisting doctoral candidates complete their dissertations through her positive encouragement, student-centeredness and insightful recommendations.

Dr. Johnson serves as the branch Diversity Chair for the American Association for University Women (AAUW). Recently, I was able to attend a presentation that Dr. Johnson made to more than 70 Brandman faculty, administrators and staff members on behalf of AAUW.

It was obvious that she is a polished presenter and gifted facilitator as she led the attendees on a powerful discussion on challenging assumptions.

Obviously, I have the utmost respect, admiration and appreciation for the talents of Dr. Jalin B. Johnson. I provide unequivocal support for her promotion to Associate Professor in the School of Business and Professional Studies.

Dr. Alan Enomoto, Associate Dean/Associate Professor School of Education enomoto@brandman.edu

Dr. Kimberly Greene

Dr. Jalin Johnson, while serving as one of the most consistent and authentic models of collegiality from our first meeting to this very day, was a joy to work alongside throughout our time as the first BCDC cadre. Her passion for serving her students was evident in all aspects of the experience- from conversations on social learning theory to debates on the viability of different technologies, to recognizing how she could share her particular strengths and benefit from harnessing the different strengths of peers.

Jalin was (and is) the thoughtful ying to my overly exuberant yang; she was a very real thought-leader across the entire BCDC process by listening and reflecting before jumping into the fray. Thus, as I would be bouncing about the room with ideas for this, that, or the other, Jalin took it all in and offered either a brilliant insight that elegantly focused my tangents into a smart, cohesive, realistic concept or she asked a single, astute question to afforded a clean, smart paring down of options presented to empower us all to move forward in our design work with greater clarity of purpose. I recognize my words of support may read as hyperbole, but I give you my highest of assurances that there is no exaggeration here.

My appreciation for Dr. Johnson’s participation, collaboration, engagement, and her perspectives throughout the BCDC experience cannot be overstated.

As a testament to the high quality of her finished product be the end of our time together, I asked for permission to use one of the leadership videos she made for her students in the new course I was creating (Instructional Practitioner Leadership). As you can imagine, she said yes with no hesitation; the video is indeed in the course and my students appreciated the content and experience of watching the video so much that several specifically noted it as one of their favorite resources that they would take with them into the real word beyond our class.

Kimberly Greene, Ed.D. Professor, Chair MAE CT School of Education kgreene@brandman.edu T 310.422.1662

Dr. Sheila Steinberg

I am writing this paragraph to support Dr. Jalin Johnson in her promotion to Associate Professor at Brandman University.

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and engaging in cross-disciplinary collaboration with Dr. Johnson for the last five years on conference presentations and co-serving together on Education PhD dissertations. She is extremely collaborative and possesses a keen mind. We have collaborated together on a series of presentation to the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

In 2016 we coauthored a paper with Dr. Monica Shukla for the National AAC&U meeting entitled “Societal Needs, Student Questions and Genera Education: Making Connections through Online Competency Based Education.”

In 2015 we three collaborated again with Dr. Johnson as the lead author on “Examining a Competency Based Education Approach to Global Learning” at the AAC&U meeting focused on Diversity. Additionally, we have presented on a series of posters and presentation together at the Annual Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning held in Newport Beach. In 2015 we presented a poster entitled “Effective Online Community Building for Action.” And a paper “Effective and Efficient Engagement Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning.”Roundtable session presented at the annual Lily Conference, in all cases I have found Dr. Johnson to be extremely well-versed in the literature, in innovative and the ability to effectively generate new and creative approaches to the pedagogy of innovation.

Dr. Johnson is a very skilled early adopter of both technology and online, blended and competency-based education. We have shared many conversations about her passion for teaching and the hard work and effort that she puts into supporting her students both within and beyond the classroom in their work.

Brandman University is extremely fortunate to have an educator of Dr. Johnson’s caliber and passion. I am proud to call her a fellow teacher and colleague at Brandman University. Service I have worked closely with Dr. Jalin Johnson in a service. Professor Johnson served on the Brandman University Faculty Personnel Committee from 2015-2017.

Dr. Johnson also served as Vice-Chair from 206-17. During the two years that I worked with her on FPC I found Professor Johnson to be extremely on-point in group discussions, adept at keeping the group on track and insightful as we worked in a variety of university issues related to faculty. Dr. Johnson is a hard worker who works extremely well in a team environment and is someone who more than carries her weight in the work.

Having a Vice-Chair who was so organized and adept at personal relationships and communication greatly contributed to all the work and success that FPC achieved during that time. Additionally, I found that Jalin’s experience having worked with and across colleagues from a variety of colleges at Brandman enabled her to have a special insight regarding faculty issues and overarching Brandman goals. I applaud Dr. Johnson for her outstanding commitment to shared governance and to helping to promote her fellow faculty members in all aspects of the academy.


There are few professors who possess the great collegial spirit of my colleague Dr. Jalin Johnson. She is a unique individual who has the keen ability to listen carefully, respond to details that her fellow colleagues share and to have the best interest of her colleagues in mind at all times and in all university situations. Having worked in higher education for 20 years I have seen many faculty and few who are as collegial and who live the motto of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

I met Dr. Johnson when I first joined Brandman back in 2013. Even though I was in a different college (SAS) than her (SPPS) she reached out and actively welcomed into the Brandman family. Dr. Johnson is so skilled at working with fellow colleagues from across the university and in different discipline, in fact she welcomes interdisciplinary collaboration which is perfect for an institution like Brandman University.

In conclusion I want to say that I strongly support my friend and colleague Dr. Jalin Johnson in her promotion to Associate Professor.

I look forward to her outstanding future collaborations to our excellent university and am proud to have opportunities to work with colleague of such high caliber at this excellent university.

Dr. Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg Chair, Brandman GIS Committee Chair, Faculty Personnel Committee Professor, Social and Environmental Sciences Brandman University

Office Phone (949) 585-2990 Cell Phone (949) 891-4395