Dr. Sheila Steinberg

I am writing this paragraph to support Dr. Jalin Johnson in her promotion to Associate Professor at Brandman University.

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and engaging in cross-disciplinary collaboration with Dr. Johnson for the last five years on conference presentations and co-serving together on Education PhD dissertations. She is extremely collaborative and possesses a keen mind. We have collaborated together on a series of presentation to the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

In 2016 we coauthored a paper with Dr. Monica Shukla for the National AAC&U meeting entitled “Societal Needs, Student Questions and Genera Education: Making Connections through Online Competency Based Education.”

In 2015 we three collaborated again with Dr. Johnson as the lead author on “Examining a Competency Based Education Approach to Global Learning” at the AAC&U meeting focused on Diversity. Additionally, we have presented on a series of posters and presentation together at the Annual Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning held in Newport Beach. In 2015 we presented a poster entitled “Effective Online Community Building for Action.” And a paper “Effective and Efficient Engagement Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning.”Roundtable session presented at the annual Lily Conference, in all cases I have found Dr. Johnson to be extremely well-versed in the literature, in innovative and the ability to effectively generate new and creative approaches to the pedagogy of innovation.

Dr. Johnson is a very skilled early adopter of both technology and online, blended and competency-based education. We have shared many conversations about her passion for teaching and the hard work and effort that she puts into supporting her students both within and beyond the classroom in their work.

Brandman University is extremely fortunate to have an educator of Dr. Johnson’s caliber and passion. I am proud to call her a fellow teacher and colleague at Brandman University. Service I have worked closely with Dr. Jalin Johnson in a service. Professor Johnson served on the Brandman University Faculty Personnel Committee from 2015-2017.

Dr. Johnson also served as Vice-Chair from 206-17. During the two years that I worked with her on FPC I found Professor Johnson to be extremely on-point in group discussions, adept at keeping the group on track and insightful as we worked in a variety of university issues related to faculty. Dr. Johnson is a hard worker who works extremely well in a team environment and is someone who more than carries her weight in the work.

Having a Vice-Chair who was so organized and adept at personal relationships and communication greatly contributed to all the work and success that FPC achieved during that time. Additionally, I found that Jalin’s experience having worked with and across colleagues from a variety of colleges at Brandman enabled her to have a special insight regarding faculty issues and overarching Brandman goals. I applaud Dr. Johnson for her outstanding commitment to shared governance and to helping to promote her fellow faculty members in all aspects of the academy.


There are few professors who possess the great collegial spirit of my colleague Dr. Jalin Johnson. She is a unique individual who has the keen ability to listen carefully, respond to details that her fellow colleagues share and to have the best interest of her colleagues in mind at all times and in all university situations. Having worked in higher education for 20 years I have seen many faculty and few who are as collegial and who live the motto of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

I met Dr. Johnson when I first joined Brandman back in 2013. Even though I was in a different college (SAS) than her (SPPS) she reached out and actively welcomed into the Brandman family. Dr. Johnson is so skilled at working with fellow colleagues from across the university and in different discipline, in fact she welcomes interdisciplinary collaboration which is perfect for an institution like Brandman University.

In conclusion I want to say that I strongly support my friend and colleague Dr. Jalin Johnson in her promotion to Associate Professor.

I look forward to her outstanding future collaborations to our excellent university and am proud to have opportunities to work with colleague of such high caliber at this excellent university.

Dr. Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg Chair, Brandman GIS Committee Chair, Faculty Personnel Committee Professor, Social and Environmental Sciences Brandman University

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