Susan Galindo

As a One Stop representative our goal is to support our student’s educational journey from the beginning to the end, (graduation day).

Our work is special because we get to interact with the students throughout their programs. We establish relationships and respect for each other to ensure all communication lines are open at all times.

The most important part of our job is to offer our support the best we know how, with the help of our team, anything is possible. We are responsible for the success of our students, to ensure they complete their programs and have the confidence to reach for their dream job. Without the support of our Adjuncts the success of the student’s journey would not be possible.

There are times, as a one stop student services, that we are requested by our students to reach out to Adjunct to create a better understanding of the course. There are some students who prefer having a mentor to fall back on for any additional questions regarding their program and our Adjunct are willing to take that role.

As a One Stop, having a good relationship with our Adjunct creates a positive culture, and allows us as a team to assist our students throughout their educational journey. Working together with our Adjunct has been a positive experience in Ontario as the team and the students know that we are all here to support them.

Thank you for all your support Dr. Johnson, you are a great role model, not only for Adjunct, but also for our team.

Susan Galindo One Stop Student Services 909-980-2246