Regarding mentoring…


On a Saturday morning, while I sat in front of a room of close to 60 Adjunct Faculty, Campus staff, Full-Time Faculty and guest adminstrators from our Irvine Campus, preparing to present on one of the many topics on our agenda, I realized something important. Beyond what we already knew (as is the case with our students), the well-being of our Adjunct Faculty is incredibly important.

Simply stated; our Adjunct faculty want to be ‘a part of the process.’

Their presence on campus, twice a year, on a Saturday morning or a weekday evening for our Professional Development Days (PDD), reminded us all that our efforts to bring together 4(+) campuses, subject matter experts and an array of topics that exemplify currency in discipline, diverse perspectives and inclusion, are truly appreciated.

Our mentoring efforts go beyond the virtual sessions that we conduct during the course of a term, the weekly phone calls and the high volume of email correspondence.​

There is a shared understanding that taking the time to both model and offer resources is vital to the positive community centered experience that we offer our Adjuncts. 

That day (my 12th Professional Development day as our PDD ‘lead facitltator’), offered an experience and perspective that I hope to always remember.

This is how we become better.

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.~Lailah Gifty Akita

It is my distinct honor to contribute to the professional journey of such an amazing individual. From the first time Dr. Jalin Johnson and I met, she has been a role model that embodies the character traits of a leader.

Her relatable and authentic persona drew me in and her wealth of knowledge that she liberally pours out are the qualities that make her an exceptional mentor, professor, and dissertation chair.

I was blessed to have such an organized, supportive, and collaborative advisor as a doctoral candidate and even now as Dr. Kathryn Taylor. She fostered the greatness in me so that I could use my leadership qualities to achieve my goals at Brandman University.

Under her inspiring leadership, I was able to successfully complete my dissertation in only seven months after coursework. With her recommendation, I was chosen as the Doctoral Student Speaker at the 2017 commencement ceremony.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Johnson for the Associate Professor position at Brandman University.

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Dr. Tiffany Ware

Dr. Jalin Johnson: A true inspiration and role model. Coming into the Doctoral program at Brandman University I had no idea the relationships I would build or mentors I would gain for a lifetime. Dr. Jalin Johnson has been not only been a mentor, but a counselor, teacher, role model, leader, and someone I would consider a close family member. I will never forget meeting her at immersion during the meet the chairs. I had no idea I would find my dissertation chair during this time, but when I spoke with Dr. Johnson, I knew instantly that she would get me to the finish line. The first words that came out of her mouth were “I am on your team and I want to get you done.” I will never forget these words because as a leader you know that in order to be successful you have to have a good support team that will get you where you need to be. From that day forward Dr. Johnson stood by those words and December 10th, 2018 I was officially announced Dr. Tiffany Ware.

Without her motivation, strength, and drive to push me to the finish line, I do not think I would have finished. Until this very day her quote “Be well” has stuck with me. Though it is so simple, these words always sit with me and put a smile on my face because I know she genuinely means it.

She has the true characteristics of a leader and I thank God for her passion to help students be the best and bring the best out of them.

Another quote she stands by is by Dr. Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” If this quote does not reflect Dr. Johnson to the core I do not know what else does.

Dr. Johnson makes sure her students feel appreciated and respected during classes and even after they are completed.

Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for being the motivation in my life and standing by me to ensure that I would be the leader I set out to be.

With Great Honor,

Dr. Tiffany D. Ware

US Army Veteran & CEO of Veteran Confessions

Tess Breen

Dr. Johnson has been an incredible mentor and support system to me over the past 4 years.

She was my first point of contact as a first-time adjunct instructor and has become a friend along the way.

Dr. Johnson has helped me develop in my career as a result of the valuable Professional Development Meetings she orchestrates and she also encouraged me to further my own career by pursuing my Ed.D degree at Brandman.

If that wasn’t enough, she is now serving as a committee member on my dissertation.

There is no end to her support and encouragement! In addition to her personal and professional skills, which are impressive, I view Dr. Johnson as an important agent of positive change in the School of Business and Professional Studies as she represents a diverse and inclusive perspective which benefits every member of the University.

I just cannot recommend her more highly!

She has made a tremendous impact on my personal and professional life and I cannot think of anyone worthier of an elevated position at Brandman.

Tess Breen, M.A. Adjunct Professor, Organizational Leadership | Communications Brandman University

Kristen Grimes

As a student at Brandman University I had many instructors that helped me along the way, but I can honestly say that none challenged me in such a positive and meaningful way as Dr. Jalin Johnson. I am the type of student that wants to be pushed outside of my comfort zone as I enjoy growing and learning while proving to myself that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. In the courses that I took with Dr. Johnson I can say that I experienced just that. Dr. Johnson created an environment built on mutual trust and respect between not just the student and instructor, but student to student as well. We were encouraged to have what may be considered “hard” discussions; conversations on race and equity and gender discrimination and politics (all during a very contentious political season no less!), yet they were always done so in such a respectful manner as led by Dr. Johnson, that we could actually have civil discourse that encouraged us to see outside of our own limited points of view. Through those conversations and exercises I can honestly say that I’m not the same person that I was on Day 1. I am more tolerant, more aware of my own personal biases, more attune to strong ethical characteristics in myself and others, more capable of leading and following, and I’m more willing to stop and check my own thoughts and feelings prior to reacting. I learned more in the courses I took with Dr. Johnson than in any other courses I had the pleasure of attending; and that says a lot because I took away so many positives from my program of study. In addition to being challenged in the instructional setting, Dr. Johnson encouraged me on a personal level as well. As a woman in today’s world, I was able to see a strong, educated female working in academia in a way that inspired, and continues to inspire me to be more, do more, achieve more. Dr. Johnson encourages me to reach further, and through a large part of her modeling and influence, I know that I will reach further. I work in the education field and I see a lot of instructors; some good, some okay, and some that I hope I never end up in a class with. I can, without reservation, say that Dr. Johnson is the epitome of what an excellent instructor of the highest caliber is. I offer my highest possible recommendation in sending her forward for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor at Brandman University. I look forward with anticipation to the day when I get the opportunity to sit in Dr. Johnson’s class yet again. Sincerely, Kristen M. Grimes Class of 2018 Organizational Leadership

Yolanda Williams

My name is Yolonda Williams and I have been an Adjunct faculty member with Brandman since 2013 in the Organizational Leadership program.

Being a graduate of Chapman University I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach within the program that has meant so very much to me. Over the past five years I’ve had the privilege to have a consistent go-to helping hand in Jalin.

She is always responsive to all the many inquiring emails I send to her. Even though we’ve never met in person, I feel as if I know her because of her personable approach to communicating and virtual troubleshooting skills.

I am certain if I ever needed anything (and I’ve had a lot of questions) she will always be there to assist me in any way she can. And on the off chance she doesn’t have the answer, she will get me connected to the person who can help me which is greatly appreciated. With Jalin, I always feel connected to Brandman, I feel my voice is heard and I’m able to contribute to the continuous improvements being made to the online courses I teach.

It means a lot as I’ve never been on campus, and as a part timer, can feel a bit disconnected. Jalin makes everything as smooth as possible, and I really love working with her.

Yolonda Williams – MAOL, MPM Adjunct Professor Online

Kevin Keith

I first met Dr. Jalin Johnson over ten years ago, while we both were assigned to the Moreno Valley/Temecula Campus. Since that time, I have personally witnessed Dr. Johnson’s hard work and dedication to the staff, faculty, and students of Brandman University.

Dr. Johnson has greatly contributed to the success of our students, both past, and present. Students continuously report positive interactions with her and rarely is there a time when a former student does not mention how much they appreciated Dr. Johnson and the assistance that she provided to them.

Dr. Johnson also has this same dedication to faculty and staff. As an adjunct faculty, I have appreciated her counsel and assistance on questions/concerns that I have had regarding a class or student issue. And even though we no longer work at the same campus, nor are our daily activates intertwined, Dr. Johnson continues to make herself available when needed – and to foster the friendship that began over a decade ago.

Kevin Keith, M.A. Senior Academic Advisor T 951-697-0111 F 951-653-5891

Dr. Donald Scott

It is with great pleasure and a true honor that I may offer a few words to support Dr. Jalin Johnson for promotion in rank to Associate Professor at Brandman University.

I have been an Academic Advisor at Brandman since 2004 and the Director of Advising and Retention Services since 2014. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Johnson for a number of years and have always found her to be thoughtful and collaborative while defining what it means to be student-centric.

I have truly appreciated the many opportunities she has initiated over the years to engage me, the rest of our academic advising staff, and adjunct faculty in her mission of helping every student find the support and success that they deserve.

Whether it was a chance for me to address the bi-annual adjunct professional development meeting she helps coordinate or her willingness to seek my help in connecting a student with their Academic Advisor, Dr. Johnson is a measure to which all University faculty should be compared.

Finally, and on more personal note, I consider Dr. Johnson an inspiring role model and mentor as I consider future steps in my career.

Donald B. Scott, Ed.D. Director, Advising and Retention Services

Susan Galindo

As a One Stop representative our goal is to support our student’s educational journey from the beginning to the end, (graduation day).

Our work is special because we get to interact with the students throughout their programs. We establish relationships and respect for each other to ensure all communication lines are open at all times.

The most important part of our job is to offer our support the best we know how, with the help of our team, anything is possible. We are responsible for the success of our students, to ensure they complete their programs and have the confidence to reach for their dream job. Without the support of our Adjuncts the success of the student’s journey would not be possible.

There are times, as a one stop student services, that we are requested by our students to reach out to Adjunct to create a better understanding of the course. There are some students who prefer having a mentor to fall back on for any additional questions regarding their program and our Adjunct are willing to take that role.

As a One Stop, having a good relationship with our Adjunct creates a positive culture, and allows us as a team to assist our students throughout their educational journey. Working together with our Adjunct has been a positive experience in Ontario as the team and the students know that we are all here to support them.

Thank you for all your support Dr. Johnson, you are a great role model, not only for Adjunct, but also for our team.

Susan Galindo One Stop Student Services 909-980-2246

Dr. Lorena Medina

To Whom It May Concern, I am honored to write this on behalf of Dr. Jalin Johnson regarding the position of Associate Professor. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson during my doctoral journey at Brandman University. I met Dr. Johnson during an activity for doctoral candidates to meet prospective chairs. Right away she made me feel comfortable with her pleasant positive attitude. As my chair, she was instrumental in helping me develop from a doctoral candidate to doctor. Dr. Jalin Johnson was committed and dedicated at helping me succeed through any means. She made it a point to reached out to me via text, email, in person, or phone call and was always available when I needed to speak to her. Even when I felt like giving up or when I felt I was never going to finish my journey, Dr. Johnson encouraged me by helping me develop smaller goals and guiding me through them every step of the way. She made what seemed impossible possible. She gave me the support and tools I needed and for that I am forever grateful. Her wisdom and well wishes were always reflective of her as an inspirational leader. Dr. Jalin Johnson would be an instrumental part of any organization. Sincerely, Dr. Lorena Medina

Tamara Ciraulo

In life you meet just a handful of people who stay connected and make you a better version of yourself. Jalin Brooks Johnson is one of those special people. Just Jalin was her email for many years and you know what? She’s “Just Jalin”– she is humble, kind, creative, loving, and will not let someone give up on themselves. She is a born teacher and leader. I blame her for introducing me to this amazing world of academia. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to influence and instruct the brilliant minds that come to Brandman and I owe that to Jalin Johnson. Tamara Ulufanua-Ciraulo Senior Director Insurance Administration Stater Bros. Markets

Dustin Domingo

Dr. Jalin B. Johnson and I have worked together in multiple capacities within Brandman University since 2011 when we were both employed at the Moreno Valley campus. When we first met, Jalin was the Manager of Community & Corporate Relations and I was a new hire as the campus Credential Specialist/One Stop Specialist. During our first year she has been a mentor to myself, my colleagues, and the students at Brandman University. Since then, she and I have both transitioned into different roles, and we have continued to work collaboratively to support Brandman University’s students. Throughout the time I have known Jalin, I have witnessed her transform and take on greater responsibilities. However, there are aspects of Jalin that remain consistent and appear to be built into her core values – and that is her commitment to empowering students to envision themselves in an elevated state and moreover developing their practical tool-kit to prepare them to take the next step towards that vision. Today, I am now in a Director position with Brandman University and I attribute much of my professional and personal growth to her guidance and mentorship. Dustin Domingo, MBA, MA Director of Credential Services Teacher Accreditation Department T: 949.341.9881 | F: 800.775.0128

Peter Dandrea

I have been around many leaders, some of the best who have helped lead me my journey. Leadership is about Love! A leader has to love what they do and love their followers. I took a long time, almost a decade, to make the decision to go back to college. I failed and dropped out in my younger years. I didn’t believe that I was capable of the work needed to earn a degree. Dr. Johnson’s love for her profession and the perfection of her craft not only inspired myself but many of my classmates. I looked forwarded to attending class and learning along side my classmates and to the wise words Dr. Johnson spoke to me. I watched her interactions with other classmates and heard how she impacted them in their journey. I believe there is no such thing as a self made man or woman. We all learn from others, we learn from the leaders who push us and inspire us, ultimately allowing us to show are true potential. Dr. Johnson loves her profession, she loves to teach and share knowledge. You have to truly care about others and by Dr. Johnson demonstrating this type of love, she has created a better tomorrow. I can honestly say I have taking much of my lessons in leadership to heart in serving the community that I was sworn in to protect. Dr. Johnson if time permits and I could speak to the Dean of Brandman let me know when! Peter D’Andrea

Dr. Leticia Rojas

Jalin was one of the first faculty members who reached out to me when I first started at Brandman and has provided ongoing mentorship and support, as well as demonstrated outstanding leadership. In the past years, I have collaborated with Jalin on various projects, one of which was organizing several large-scale Professional Development conferences for adjunct instructors in order to strengthen the instructional leadership of our university. These events were always largely attended and given high marks by instructors, in large part to Jalin’s determined leadership and organization. We even presented on this successful partnership at the WASC conference this past year. All in all, Jalin is the type of professor that I aim to be—ambitious, intelligent, grounded in community, innovative, and full of integrity. I can’t think of anyone who is more worthy of promoting. Leticia Rojas, Ed.D., NBCT Assistant Professor, Brandman University- Ontario Campus T. 323.369.2365

Dr. Nicole Schneider

Dedicated, passionate, selfless, diligent, these are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing Dr. Jalin Johnson. I was fortunate enough to be placed at Jalin’s campus when I first started at Brandman. I appreciated her mentorship and friendship during my first year at the university. Jalin’s leadership skills stand out above others. I have admired her tireless leadership as she planned bi-annual professional development workshops for our local campuses as well as the recent presentation at the Academic Resource Conference in Sacramento. She always kept us on track and moving forward. These experiences were much less daunting for me because of her organization and professionalism. Jalin’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident through everything she does. She genuinely cares about the university, her colleagues, students, and her profession. I am inspired by Jalin’s passion for life and work and humbled to be her colleague. Nicole Schneider, Ed.D.

Dr. Nakisha Castillo

Dear Dr. Bullock, I am extremely pleased to provide a letter of support on behalf of Dr. Jalin Johnson.

Dr. Johnson and I have worked collaboratively campus and conference wide, I found her to be a competent, conscientious, and very hard working professional, who has ensured the efficacy of many projects.

Dr. Johnson, has been both a mentor and a colleague to me.

During the years of working with her, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from her leadership skills. One of the reasons I admire Dr. Johnson, is she believes in positive motivation and those that she encounter are never dissatisfied with her leadership.

Dr. Johnson has great interpersonal skills- I would describe her as a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who has a great penchant for meeting deadlines.

Dr. Johnson, is able to be successful in the things that she does because when faced with challenges she is able to navigate them by seeking guidance, as well as she is never shy of hearing constructive criticism that help her to further develop into a professional and leader.

Dr. Johnson, exemplify many of Brandman University values, such as her flexibility, ability to practice inclusivity and diversity, and use of innovative ways in her leadership styles as she plans and leads various committees and conferences.

The knowledge and shared experiences that Dr. Johnson has imparted on me is invaluable.

Dr. Johnson special attributes for negotiation, communication, and leadership extend contributions to the University well beyond the bounds of her campuses and school.

Dr. Johnson, is an astute mentor, colleague, and professor who serves to model and support Brandman University mission and values.

Respectfully, Nakisha Castillo, DMFT Assistant Professor of Psychology

Marisol Alaniz

Jalin is an inspired andragogic and phenomenal mentor to her students. Her engagement with students goes beyond coaching and encouragement to deep and critical conversations that helps students reach their potential. I am grateful for her work in the Ed.D. Program, as an instructor, presenter, and keynote speaker. Students disclose that Jalin is personable and compassionate and that it is evident that she leads from the heart. In addition to being a phenomenal professor and the recipient of the 2017 Faculty of the Year Award, she is a kindhearted person and a dear friend. My work at Brandman as an Administrator and Adjunct Faculty member would not be the same without Jalin. She has truly made my life richer for knowing her. Sr. Doc Program Support Spec, Organizational Leadership

Ian Grimbaldeston

I am sending this to outline my experience of working with Jalin, not only as a course overseer but also as a course designer. From my perspective of Jalin in support of adjuncts that has to be a absolute positive. It is my policy to always find out who is the course caretaker whenever I start a new session, simply because of knowing where to turn for help if needed. I find most of the oversight at Brandman good to great, my experience of Jalin is great to exceptional. I have found her to be responsive, insightful, WISE and competent. She knows here stuff AND she knows not only what it is like to teach the shell but also how to work with someone else teaching the shell. She supports innovation, experimentation and above all engagement. I have no complaints from this perspective and am delighted when I find out its Jalin In regards to the development of materials and course design. I have taught several times 2 of the courses I know are hers, both in the Maters in OL….The second is OLCU 601 Democracy and Ethics. Another great course that has such range and depth. Again I taught it as a developmental process using Kohlberg, Erikson and Jalins article on what I call “narratives” (framing) ECP (Experience, Context and Perception)…which is a crossover concept between so many courses. Another great course which is personally challenging and significantly reflective. I have found these course so well thought through, executed AND logical! Anyhow, one adjuncts perspective on both development of and support of core components. If you have any questions, do let me know. Ian Grimbaldeston

Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon

Working in higher education can be both exhilarating and challenging. As an educator, I have learned that having positive and emotionally intelligent people in your circle of influence makes navigating through the highs and lows of this profession easier.

While earning my Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and serving as an adjunct for the School of Business and Professional Studies, I have had the privilege of having Dr. Jalin B. Johnson in my corner as a mentor and friend. Honestly, to say that she is merely a colleague would be an understatement. Dr. Johnson’s level of engagement and concern for me as an adjunct and doctoral student is unparalleled.

Although I live in Washington State, she maintains communication with me and expresses genuine concern for my professional and personal wellbeing. Recently, while teaching a newly developed graduate-level course, an issue emerged with students that required her attention. Dr. Johnson did not immediately assume that I did something wrong, but she extended an opportunity for me to have a voice.

This is only one example of how she made me feel valued and heard. When I was a doctoral student, her encouraging words and belief in me made the journey easier and the light brighter at the end of the tunnel.

I am delighted that Dr. Johnson is preparing for promotion to Associate Professor at Brandman.

Undoubtedly, she serves as an example of a quintessential educator, servant and transformational leader. Based on my experiences and collaborative efforts with her, I wholeheartedly believe she is deserving and beyond capable of advancing Brandman’s vision, mission and values in this capacity.


Dr. Rowlanda N. Cawthon Alumni and Adjunct, School of Business and Professional Studies Brandman University

Dr. Nate Sexton

Throughout my time at Brandman I have found Jalin to be a wonderful resource from her willingness to answer any questions, to her thoughtful responses. While she has helped me to better navigate through questions I have at times about the Brandman system, it really can’t be stated enough her ability to understand and connect with students.

She was able to offer guidance and support as I looked for way to better connect to students through an online world.

Recently while teaching one of her redesigned shells, I was reminded of how she stays student focused and helps to lay things out in a manner that are easy to follow and be understood.

Dr. Nate Sexton

John “Jay” Hawes

“Over the last several years, it has been a great pleasure to work closely with Jalin Johnson in the OLCU courses that I teach online for Brandman University. She has consistently done a thorough job of overseeing the courses I teach and revising them from time to time which is not an easy task. She has done a superior job of communicating with the faculty under her and keeping them well informed. Whenever there has been a curriculum or course-related issue, Jalin has been easy to get in touch with and has always offered professional and helpful advice. She has guided the faculty as a team when updating and improving online courses. The improvements I’ve seen her produce consistently maintain the rigor of the courses as well as key academic objectives. I continue to value her as a mentor and guide with regard to teaching and curriculum development. Sincerely, John Hawes, MIM 916-715-4071 (cell – PST) Adjunct Faculty Member for Chapman and Brandman Universities since 1993” John (Jay) Hawes, MIM Adjunct Instructor since 1993 916-715-4071

Mary Acosta

Dr. Johnson takes her responsibilities as course coordinator seriously.

She is proactive in reaching out to instructors, keeps them informed throughout the term and makes herself available at all times.

I have found Dr. Johnson to be extremely professional in her interactions with me (an adjunct faculty).

She is prompt, courteous, and focused on providing relevant and timely information.

I teach for Brandman University nearly every term of the year, and I find Dr. Johnson — when seen over the broad spectrum of course oversight — to provide an extremely high level of course coordination/oversight.

She is simply at the top of her game!

Best regards — Mary Ann

Mary Ann Acosta OLCU adjunct faculty phone 253-363-1287