Ian Grimbaldeston

I am sending this to outline my experience of working with Jalin, not only as a course overseer but also as a course designer. From my perspective of Jalin in support of adjuncts that has to be a absolute positive. It is my policy to always find out who is the course caretaker whenever I start a new session, simply because of knowing where to turn for help if needed. I find most of the oversight at Brandman good to great, my experience of Jalin is great to exceptional. I have found her to be responsive, insightful, WISE and competent. She knows here stuff AND she knows not only what it is like to teach the shell but also how to work with someone else teaching the shell. She supports innovation, experimentation and above all engagement. I have no complaints from this perspective and am delighted when I find out its Jalin In regards to the development of materials and course design. I have taught several times 2 of the courses I know are hers, both in the Maters in OL….The second is OLCU 601 Democracy and Ethics. Another great course that has such range and depth. Again I taught it as a developmental process using Kohlberg, Erikson and Jalins article on what I call “narratives” (framing) ECP (Experience, Context and Perception)…which is a crossover concept between so many courses. Another great course which is personally challenging and significantly reflective. I have found these course so well thought through, executed AND logical! Anyhow, one adjuncts perspective on both development of and support of core components. If you have any questions, do let me know. Ian Grimbaldeston