Kristen Grimes

As a student at Brandman University I had many instructors that helped me along the way, but I can honestly say that none challenged me in such a positive and meaningful way as Dr. Jalin Johnson. I am the type of student that wants to be pushed outside of my comfort zone as I enjoy growing and learning while proving to myself that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. In the courses that I took with Dr. Johnson I can say that I experienced just that. Dr. Johnson created an environment built on mutual trust and respect between not just the student and instructor, but student to student as well. We were encouraged to have what may be considered “hard” discussions; conversations on race and equity and gender discrimination and politics (all during a very contentious political season no less!), yet they were always done so in such a respectful manner as led by Dr. Johnson, that we could actually have civil discourse that encouraged us to see outside of our own limited points of view. Through those conversations and exercises I can honestly say that I’m not the same person that I was on Day 1. I am more tolerant, more aware of my own personal biases, more attune to strong ethical characteristics in myself and others, more capable of leading and following, and I’m more willing to stop and check my own thoughts and feelings prior to reacting. I learned more in the courses I took with Dr. Johnson than in any other courses I had the pleasure of attending; and that says a lot because I took away so many positives from my program of study. In addition to being challenged in the instructional setting, Dr. Johnson encouraged me on a personal level as well. As a woman in today’s world, I was able to see a strong, educated female working in academia in a way that inspired, and continues to inspire me to be more, do more, achieve more. Dr. Johnson encourages me to reach further, and through a large part of her modeling and influence, I know that I will reach further. I work in the education field and I see a lot of instructors; some good, some okay, and some that I hope I never end up in a class with. I can, without reservation, say that Dr. Johnson is the epitome of what an excellent instructor of the highest caliber is. I offer my highest possible recommendation in sending her forward for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor at Brandman University. I look forward with anticipation to the day when I get the opportunity to sit in Dr. Johnson’s class yet again. Sincerely, Kristen M. Grimes Class of 2018 Organizational Leadership