Peter Dandrea

I have been around many leaders, some of the best who have helped lead me my journey. Leadership is about Love! A leader has to love what they do and love their followers. I took a long time, almost a decade, to make the decision to go back to college. I failed and dropped out in my younger years. I didn’t believe that I was capable of the work needed to earn a degree. Dr. Johnson’s love for her profession and the perfection of her craft not only inspired myself but many of my classmates. I looked forwarded to attending class and learning along side my classmates and to the wise words Dr. Johnson spoke to me. I watched her interactions with other classmates and heard how she impacted them in their journey. I believe there is no such thing as a self made man or woman. We all learn from others, we learn from the leaders who push us and inspire us, ultimately allowing us to show are true potential. Dr. Johnson loves her profession, she loves to teach and share knowledge. You have to truly care about others and by Dr. Johnson demonstrating this type of love, she has created a better tomorrow. I can honestly say I have taking much of my lessons in leadership to heart in serving the community that I was sworn in to protect. Dr. Johnson if time permits and I could speak to the Dean of Brandman let me know when! Peter D’Andrea