How Stan Lee became an icon and created space for the unseen & underrepresented to lead

Looking at Leadership: How Stan Lee became an icon and created space for the unseen & underrepresented to lead

By Jalin B. Johnson

“Let’s lay it right on the line. Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today. But, unlike a team of costumed super-villains, they can’t be halted with a punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun. The only way to destroy them is to expose them—to reveal them for the insidious evils they really are. The bigot is an unreasoning hater—one who hates blindly, fanatically, indiscriminately. If his hang-up is black men, he hates ALL black men. If a redhead once offended him, he hates ALL redheads. If some foreigner beat him to a job, he’s down on ALL foreigners. He hates people he’s never seen—people he’s never known—with equal intensity—with equal venom.” (Stan’s Soapbox, 1968)

Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee penned these words, discussing the “deadliest social ills plaguing the world today,” 50 years ago. It is a harsh commentary on our reality that these words are relevant and prevailing even now. This issue of Stan’s Soapbox resurfaced when Lee tweeted out the column on Aug. 15, 2017 after the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., and the subsequent violence and loss of life that ensued.

Horrified by what the world witnessed that day – and the excuses made for the reasoning behind the violence in the weeks following – Marvel Entertainment released “A Message from Stan Lee.” 

There, he reminds fans and the casual observer of where he and the comic industry juggernaut stand:

“Marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window. That world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change is the way we tell our stories of heroism. Those stories have room for everyone, regardless of their race gender religion or color of their skin. The only things we don’t have room for are hatred, intolerance and bigotry. That man next to you, he’s your brother. That woman over there, she’s your sister. And that kid walking by, hey who knows, he may have the proportionate strength of a spider. We’re all part of one big family, the human family …” (Marvel Entertainment, October 2017).

Sergeant Stanley Martin Lieber, known everywhere as Stan Lee, was born in New York, New York, on Dec. 28, 1922, to Celia (née Solomon) and Jack Lieber. Both were Romanian-born Jewish immigrants. After World War II (Lee served from 1942 to 1945), his story takes twists and turns, full of drama and intrigue, ready for adaptation to the big screen. The reality of his day-to-day life, and occasional controversy, lends itself to characteristics found among the heroes and villains that grace the pages of comics penned by Lee and co-created with fellow comic icons, including illustrators Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

Although there are too many characters to choose from, casual and serious fans can find similarities to themselves among Lee’s greatest character collaborations. Whether well-known or lesser-acknowledged characters, many of their alter egos carried the weight of being unseen, under-appreciated and often forgotten.

In a previous “Looking at Leadership,” I marveled as the story of Black Panther was coming to the big screen 52 years after Kirby and Lee introduced him in Fantastic Four #52. While it was not the same year of my own arrival, landing on my birth date made it appear to this fan girl as though it was always meant to be.  Other characters, in recent decades, have become legend while exploring gender stereotypes, socio-economic challenges, accessibility and disability, human rights struggles and advocacy for the voiceless. The backstories and cannon behind Jean GreyThe WaspPeggy Carter, members of the Avengers and The Fantastic FourDaredevil and Spider-Man, and their evolving character iterations, have inspired discussions, creating a space to address the very ills that Lee described in Stan’s Soapbox in 1968.

Among the plethora of examples of Lee collaborations, you need only read or listen to Lee’s recent words to understand why he championed the benefit of “reflecting the world right outside our window,” with compassion and understanding, while always remembering the heroes inside and among us.

As you’re Looking at Leadership, and considering what is worth advocating for and supporting with your own voice, allow Lee’s last Instagram post from Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, the day before he passed at age 95, to encourage you: “Thank you to all of America’s veterans for your service. Fun fact: Stan’s official US Army title during WW2 was ‘Playwright.’ #VeteransDay.”


Jalin Johnson, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in the Brandman University School of Business and Professional Studies focusing on business and

#YouToo? When lived experiences and our own awareness pre-date and go beyond a hashtag movement

Looking at Leadership: #YouToo? When lived experiences and our own awareness pre-date and go beyond a hashtag movement
By Dr. Jalin B. Johnson

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “A group of women and men came together and began sharing their truth…”

One of the challenges we face in higher education is remembering the mantra “With great power, comes great responsibility.” As educators of adult learners, we create a forum for adults, with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, to come together and share those very truths.

When I first introduced the ECP framework (Experiences, Context & Perspective), during a series of professional leadership conferences (Johnson, 2015), focused on how lived experiences influence the context with which we view any given situation and thus, shape our perspectives, I began to see how people would reflect and re-evaluate “why” they felt the way they did. Whether in the classroom or in a public setting, as educators, we have to recognize that while our platform may be stationary, their lived experiences, context with which our stories are viewed and the shared perspectives of our students, are not invariable.

I had the opportunity to connect with a group of women who have lived experiences that existed prior to what we know as the #MeToo movement and whose perspectives are widely sought, both in the classroom and on the international stage. I asked them about their truths and what was on their minds. Here is what we learned…

These are Challenging Times; Haven’t They Always Been?
Leticia Rojas, Ed.D.

This has been a difficult month – really, a difficult couple of years. My friends and I have reflected and held each other up through what seems like a constant attack on our very beings as women, as people of color, as part of the queer community, as children of immigrants, and as human beings focused on prioritizing people over profit.

On Sept. 27, 2018, I watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the (then) Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Hearing. I did not view it because it was extraordinary or unfamiliar, but rather the opposite, in its commonality among so many women. I held hope that it would make a difference for her and for all the lives of women and other communities affected in future court decisions. The day of the vote, one of my friends texted me that “if someone like Dr. Ford, with all of her privilege and legal counsel, was not to be believed, was it not clear why others with less privilege and more vulnerability to those in power, were afraid to name their oppressors?” We both understood it to be a rhetorical question.

This is a trying time for folks living at the margins who do not fit the mold of those making long-lasting decisions (although I would argue it always has been). But I try to find strength from those who came before me, including my strong Mexican mother and her mother and her mother; women whose stories might not get told and yet are so important to this world and to me. One woman who came before is Tarana Burke, the original #MeToo founder, and in a recent article, Variety (October, 2018), she advocated for a new iteration of the movement, focused on concrete actions and accountability. I am hopeful because of leaders and organizers like her and eager for the next iteration of a movement that is more inclusive and focused on justice. So, I unplug after having refueled, and with others, try to move forward, always.

UsToo, but Are You Ready for Our Stories?
Lata Murti, Ph.D.

I have a confession: I never listened to the Kavanaugh hearing nor the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It is not that I don’t admire Dr. Blasey Ford’s courage, or that I don’t appreciate the significance of her testimony for all women. It’s that her story is still not our story – the story of most of us who do not share her level of privilege.

Our story is one of never being invited or allowed to go to the parties of our wealthy high school and college peers, if we even knew about them. Our story is not having access to alcohol even when with our parents and older relatives, who rarely drink themselves. Our story is never being left alone in a room with a man other than an older male relative and always being escorted by a male relative in public. Our story is dating infrequently and not fully participating in, or benefiting from, the sexual revolution.

Still, Us Too.

Us Too, because at the age of 6, we sat away from our parents and next to a stranger in a dark theater, in order to get a better view of the cultural performance sponsored by our ethnic immigrant community. Us Too, because we were too petite and unpopular for any of our classmates to notice our much taller high school principal touching us inappropriately as he blocked their view in the classroom.

Us Too, because while studying abroad in another country, we decided to share a cab ride home one night with the neighbor who lived down the street from our host family. Us Too, because just a few months later, in the same country, we missed our bus stop, and had to walk alone, at night, through a field, to get to where our mother was staying. Never mind that we were almost fully clothed, in a loose T-shirt and jeans.

But who will hear our stories? The men who are responsible for them will never run for political office in the U.S. Many are poor, don’t speak English, and don’t even live here. Some of us are also poor, don’t speak English, and are not permanent residents of the U.S. Will we have a chance to tell our stories, too? If so, who will listen?

Us Too, but not like you, Dr. Blasey Ford.

‘Otherness’ as Our Strength
Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg, Ph.D.

I am a product of the two largest democracies, India and the United States.

My dad is from Kerala, India, and my mom is from Louisville, Kentucky. In other words; I am “the other.” I was different from many of my classmates and neighbors, throughout my life.

When I got married to my husband, Steve, my dad made an interesting comment at the wedding as part of the formal toast, sharing that I was “both the son and the daughter!” What my dad was indicating was a very cultural approach, that because I was the first-born, their only child and a girl, he raised me with the expectations of achievement and success “as if” I were male.

Females in every society, often face different expectations than males do. This, in itself, was interesting and helped set a high cultural bar for my achievements (beyond gender).

I’ve never really thought about being second place (to my male counterparts), because I was raised to actively compete and participate with them. I have a strong memory of being 3 years old and coming home from preschool upset because they made all of the girls make nurses hats, and all of the boys made doctor’s hats to align with said profession. I had wanted to be a doctor, not a nurse! My dad strongly let the preschool know that it was sexual inequality to enable the boys to only be doctors and girls, only nurses. In the end, I made a doctor’s hat!

For me, it has always been about trying to find a way to be “inclusive” and to make students feel welcomed, embrace our differences and building upon these differences as strengths, avoiding making someone feel like “the other.”

We can be stronger as a nation by embracing our differences. It is essential for our leaders to adopt inclusiveness as part of their toolbox of leadership skills, and to embrace differences as a strength and not as a threat.

Social Constructivism and Human Solidarity
Nakisha Castillo, DMFT

In the Swahili language, the word “harambee” means pulling together. As women we have to gather and examine the reality of the world that we live in and the meaning of being a female. Where does the truth lay for us? Where does our story begin and what part do we omit in order to protect others?

As the hashtag of the #MeToo movement unfolded, the reality of that hashtag changed from #MeToo to #UsToo, as we watch our community become painfully saturated with the stories being told. The hashtag offered an opportunity for women to examine their stories and experiences while in school, within their families, in social gatherings, and in the workplace. The reality of the matter came when we as women began to take a stand and say that our stories will be heard.

A hierarchical social construct, designed to dissociate women of their desires, strong sense of self and self-esteem, gives others the power to take advantage and to narrate our stories. We will not be dismissed. We will not be disrespected. We will not be silenced while our narratives are created for us – while our bodies, minds and abilities are taken advantage of.

As the dialogue surrounding harassment and sexual assault permeates around the globe, we have to find and create a safe space to tell our stories of pain, invisibilities, and exclusion, for ourselves. Stories of being made to feel guilt, shame, fear, and anger will be told. Stories of rising beyond anxiety, depression, and oppression for what others have done. Stories of courage and victory.

As I write, I think of the shared stories of our ancestors, untold for many reasons. Stories of resiliency and strength, without a hashtag to propel their plight.

Stories from a generation where such things weren’t openly discussed. We must take a different path for the next generation, setting aside race, ethnicity, privilege, and culture; agreeing to stand in human solidarity, demanding accountability.

As women I say, “Harambee, harambee,” as we let our voices be heard and share our untold stories.

Moving Forward
Jalin B. Johnson, Ed.D.

With all due respect, our lived experiences began before Alyssa Milano helped to make Tarana Burke’s original 2006 hashtag infamous. You can hear their shared discussion in a recent podcast here – (ACLU, October 2018).

The woman or man sitting across from you as you read this, or the person you had a conversation with after work, has a story that you may never know.

The leadership at your organization may have no idea about what happened to #YouToo and how that lived experience, shapes the context with which you view the many situations you face daily, and your enduring perspective.
There is a reason for that.

As you’re Looking at Leadership, consider the importance of creating and having spaces and opportunities to share your story, and for the stories of others around you, to be heard.

Become aware of what has happened before, what is already taking place, and what exists beyond the hashtag movement.

Jalin B. Johnson, Ed.D., is an associate professor in the School of Business and Professional Studies at Brandman University, focusing on business and organizational leadership. She is a regular contributor on issues of leadership and current events.


Dr. Len Hightower


It is my honor to recommend to you Dr. Jalin Johnson as a candidate for Associate Professor.  I worked closely with her for the past five years.  I had the opportunity to have her to teach courses in the EDOL program, worked with her as part of the EDOL professional development programs, served with her on dissertation committees, worked with her as a member of the faculty leadership team (she was on FPC and I on GAC) along with many hours of conversations about our educational philosophies, and life in general.

Jalin is a wonderful combination of professional and engaging.  She brings a calm to the room when she is there.  A quiet confidence based on astute observation of what is going on.  From my perspective as the one who hired, trained and reviewed the performance of all non-full time faculty in the EDOL program, I loved working with her because I knew she was going to engage with the students at a high level, was going to push them to perform at their max, was up-to-speed with all aspects of the course and she was going to be a very effective communicator. The students and faculty alike very much like Jalin.

She is truly a life-long learner.  This is an overused phrase but it really does describe her.  She always wanted to learn more about the dissertation process, research methodologies, best practices in working with the dissertation students and more.  She also had her own perspective on the content-based courses she taught as well and was willing to share her thoughts on how to improve the program through bringing in new perspectives.  Jalin also was constantly looking to grow in her own discipline.  On a number of occasions I ran into Jalin  making presentations regarding her work at Brandman.

Jalin is a great ambassador for Brandman.  Her belief in the value of a Brandman education coupled with her professionalism, great communication skills and emotional intelligence put forward the best of Brandman faculty.  I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with her and hope to maintain our connection going forward.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like clarification or have questions regarding my support for Jalin.

Respectfully submitted,

Len Hightower, Ph.D.

Managing Director, the Values Institute

In service…

During the summer start to the academic year, Dr. Laura Galloway and I were asked to present a series of workshops (part of a larger set) for the employees of VIZIO in Irvine (a BU partner).

Focused on ‘Emotional Intelligence,’ we were pleased to bring much of our research and practicum expertise to employees from over a dozen different departments and management levels within this global company. To our delight, we were asked to return the following summer (via the team from BU Extended Ed).

This was one of many opportunities that I have had througout my tenure, where I have been asked to serve as a guest speaker, keynote, presenter, consultant, facilitator or reviewer.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

As it relates to BU based volunteer organizations, in early spring of 2018, I led a discussion during one of our standing BU branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) meetings.

During that time, as Diversity Chair, and after much feedback from our members, our newly created BU AAUW Committee on Diversity proposed the ‘Forum on Diversity and Inclusiveness.’

Our goal was to take insights from our members (derived via an in-house questionnaire and open feedback during meetings), and host a forum that addressed matters on the subject, that resonated across boundaries.

We held the forum in May of 2018, prior to the start of the spring Faculty meetings.

With the much appreciated support of Provost Bullock, Dean’s Council, Faculty leadership and Central Offices staff, the body of approximately 80 convened for an hour(+) of un-paralleled conversation and action planning.

The feedback (still ongoing) to this forum, its impact and outcomes (including a new focus on diversity, equity and inclusive minded curriculum), is still unfolding.

For my part, I am both impressed by and thankful for the outpouring of ideas and goodwill that has come from my participation in designing and facilitating these efforts.

As noted above, in June of 2018, Dr.’s Galloway, Shukla-Belmontes, Steinberg and I were offered an opportunity to present at the ‘International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations,’ this year, held in Austin TX, USA.

We not only had an opportunity to share our own perspectives, we also gleaned information and best practices from the Vice Chancellors, Board Executives, Legal Counsel and senior adminstration who head their respective department or office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

I hope to continue to share insight via the ICDOC&N, along with shared resources via my membership in The Diversity Scholars Network (a scholarly community via the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan), committed to advancing understandings of historical and contemporary social issues related to identity, difference, culture, representation, power, oppression, and inequality — as they occur and affect individuals, groups, communities, and institutions.

One area that is year-round and holds a constant presence for me, is my work on the BU Institutional Review Board (BU IRB). With 9 standing members (including Dr. Douglas DeVore as Chair) from BU and one external ‘community’ member, we meet every two weeks (with additional meetings during the summer term).

While BU IRB is not a BU ‘standing committee,’ our bi-weekly efforts are appreciated by students and faculty, and serve as a source of pride among our dedicated team.

My efforts on BU IRB are complimented by my ongoing work with the EDOL program (6 years to date).

In January of 2019, Dr. David Gonzalez and I would return for a 5th Immersion presentation, this time as keynote speakers, to present on Diversity Cognizance entitled “Diversity Politics and Leadership: Why Cognizant Leaders know Diversity Counts.”

The focus of this impactful presentation is centered around the significance of having organization leadership who incorporate diverse voices around the decision making table.
We have been honored to be specifically requested by the student body for the third year in a running.

As an EDOL instructor, Dissertation Chair, Dissertation committee member, workshop presenter and research partner for the Prospectus course which contributes to Curriculum team work, I have availed myself as both ‘Doctoral Program knowledgeable’ and a ‘forever’ learned contributor, on loan from the School of Business.

*My Dean has always been gracious in this regards and our EDOL students and Core Curriculum team have shared their ongoing appreciation.

Regarding mentoring…


On a Saturday morning, while I sat in front of a room of close to 60 Adjunct Faculty, Campus staff, Full-Time Faculty and guest adminstrators from our Irvine Campus, preparing to present on one of the many topics on our agenda, I realized something important. Beyond what we already knew (as is the case with our students), the well-being of our Adjunct Faculty is incredibly important.

Simply stated; our Adjunct faculty want to be ‘a part of the process.’

Their presence on campus, twice a year, on a Saturday morning or a weekday evening for our Professional Development Days (PDD), reminded us all that our efforts to bring together 4(+) campuses, subject matter experts and an array of topics that exemplify currency in discipline, diverse perspectives and inclusion, are truly appreciated.

Our mentoring efforts go beyond the virtual sessions that we conduct during the course of a term, the weekly phone calls and the high volume of email correspondence.​

There is a shared understanding that taking the time to both model and offer resources is vital to the positive community centered experience that we offer our Adjuncts. 

That day (my 12th Professional Development day as our PDD ‘lead facitltator’), offered an experience and perspective that I hope to always remember.

This is how we become better.

About Teaching…


“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.” This is one of my favorite quotes from novelist C.S. Lewis (1952), that inspired me to reflect on my experience at Brandman and the positive influence change can have on both student and faculty support systems.

In 2015, when I was first asked to begin contributing to the “new Brandman Blog,” it seemed only natural that I would talk about ‘why’ we are all here – our students.

In May of 2018, during the year that I transitioned from Student Services to Academic Affairs, our colleague Matt Venegas, Assistant VC of Business Development, Strategic Business Development, (with his own original humor), shared with me that I had ‘officially become a Brandman statistic.’

I had the honor of being awarded the C.A.F.É. Award for RESPECT (CAFE Awards 2013), one of our institution’s pillars of excellence. (I also had the privilege, the year prior, of being asked to serve on Chancellor Brahms’ inaugural awards committee, where I helped to coin the title of the C.A.F.E. awards themselves).

In 2015, my colleagues in the School of Business honored me with the Faculty of the Year Award.

And in 2017, I was honored with the overall Faculty of the Year award for Brandman University.

What is evident to me is that teaching has always been something that comes from the heart. The passion and drive that our colleagues emanate is what carries us forward and helps to create an environment focused on excellence.
My hope is to continue to contribute academic rigor, quality course content and a space for our diverse student population to learn, thrive and become the transformational leaders and examples they wish to see in the world.



Jeffrey Lee, EdD

Dr. Johnson has been actively involved in the EDOL program as a dissertation chair, instructor and immersion presenter.

Her contributions have been profoundly impactful on those she has worked with. Students are excited to be chaired by her for their dissertation; anytime she teaches a class or does a presentation at immersion, students are actively engaged and learning.

Her commitment to students is second to none and Brandman doctoral students are always excited to work with her.

Jeffrey Lee, EdD
School of Education

David M. Long, J.D.

I am pleased to offer this letter in enthusiastic support of the appointment of Dr. Jalin Johnson to Associate Professor.

I have come to know Dr. Johnson as one of my faculty colleagues on the Brandman Institutional Review Board (“the Board”), where I have served for the past three years. I believe Dr. Johnson’s service on the Board predates mine.

I have come to know Dr. Johnson as a thoroughly professional and highly competent colleague.
A major part of our duties as Board members include thoroughly reviewing and presenting assigned applications to the Board for approval. Dr. Johnson has served numerous times with me on assigned applications in both primary as well as secondary reviewer roles. While some applications are relatively straightforward and present no major issues, certain applications are more involved and present more complex issues.
Dr. Johnson has proven to be a highly skilled presenter and reviewer, having the ability to quickly get to the crux of any problems an application might present. She also has demonstrated skill in quickly assessing what revisions should be made and then, if necessary, soliciting feedback from the Board.

Through our mutual service on the Board, I have had the opportunity to come to know Jalin not only as a colleague, but as a friend as well. I have observed her demonstrate both intellectual and emotional intelligence in her interactions with a diverse range of colleagues on a wide range of issues.

She is truly special and I am in enthusiastic support of her appointment to Associate Professor.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

David M. Long, J.D.
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
T 510-759-8381

Dr. Michael Moodian

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Dr. Jalin Johnson as she seeks a promotion to associate professor.

Dr. Johnson and I serve on Brandmanís Institutional Review Board (IRB), and we serve on two Ed.D. committees together. I also judge a Brandman Ed.D. event with her every year and have gotten to know her well during our time at Brandman.

I could not think of anyone more deserving of a promotion than Dr. Johnson. She is an exemplary colleague and someone I always reach out to for advice.

Dr. Johnson is brilliant, diplomatic, and someone who cares deeply about our students. During my service with her on the IRB and on doctoral dissertation committees, she always provides thoughtful feedback and insightful points.

Dr. Johnson is one of the most respected faculty members at Brandman University. Despite her impressive credentials, she is always accessible and more than willing to lend a helping hand to students, staff, and fellow faculty members.

In short, she is an asset to our university. I give Dr. Jalin Johnson my highest endorsement.

-Dr. Michael Moodian

Anne Spillane, Ph.D.

I have had the great fortune to work with Dr Jalin on both the Faculty Personnel Committee, where she served as vice-chair, as well as participating in the pilot offering of the BCDC program offered by the Cii.  In both situations I found Dr Jalin to have an extraordinary work ethic, while providing good insight and workable solutions to the problems at hand.  She inspired others to do their best work, leading by example, and working collegially with all members of the team or project.  Dr Jalin elevates the experience and the final product of all that she engages in at Brandman.  It is always a pleasure to work with her!

Anne Spillane, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Special Education

Dr. Julianne Zvalo-Martyn

I  have only known Dr. Johnson for a few months, but in her orbit it does not take long to enter into a collaborative and joyful collegiality full of creative potential.  (We met at the faculty retreat in the spring of 2018).

Though I did not know her, I did know of her and most definitely admired her grace and poise from afar.

This chance meeting and discussion of all things Harry Potter grew into an enjoyable collaboration on an article on leadership for Dr. Johnson’s blog.   It is a testimony to Dr. Johnson’s ingenuity, creativity and generous collaborative nature that from this brief encounter, a cross-school relationship developed (also including Dr. Ellen Belluomini from Social Work).

Because of her high level of organization and concise writing skills, the project was easy from my end.  She inspired me do my best work, and kindly promoted my professional development at the same time.

Dr. Johnson is an important member of Brandman University, and would be valuable to any organization in which she is involved. She is professional and at the same time truly fun to be with. She is knowledgeable, intellectual, forward thinking while also gracious and easy.  She truly inspires me to do better, think bigger, and participate more fully in my profession. I feel lucky to have met her!

Dr. Julianne Zvalo-Martyn

School of Education

Dr. Sara Zaker

Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to work closely on a number of projects with Dr. Jalin Johnson. Dr. Johnson has consistently shown an unparalleled level of passion for her students’ learning experience and ensures that she is able to apply innovative learning approaches for her students. Furthermore, in conference presentations, Dr. Johnson represents Brandman University in a dignified and professional manner. I consider myself fortunate to work with Jalin and I look forward to working with her more in the future! Best, Sara Zaker, Ed.D. Director, Digital Learning Solutions Educational Psychologist Brandman University

Dr. Lynn Larsen

Dr. Johnson is the consummate faculty colleague.

She has facilitated collaboration across campuses through the joint adjunct faculty meetings for Riverside, Ontario, Menifee, and Victorville.

She has encouraged collaboration across schools at Brandman through scholarly presentations.

Her thoughtful and professional communication style makes students, staff, and faculty all feel that she values their contributions.

Dr. Lynn Larsen

Professor, School of Education

Dr. Catherine Pearlman

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Johnson for a year on the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC).

During that time I saw Dr. Johnson as an incredible asset to the team and university. She is capable, confident and organized. While being a strong leader she also has a way of bringing people in to collaborate.

Never did I see her flustered or stressed.

She is also funny and warm which adds a breath of fresh air to any committee meeting. Although FPC was led by a very capable chairperson, when Dr. Johnson left the committee her absence was strongly felt.

I couldn’t recommend Dr. Johnson strongly enough for promotion. She’s a valuable colleague who has shown herself to be worthy of the distinction.

Catherine Pearlman, PhD, LCSW Assistant Professor Brandman University T 914-433-4558

Lindsay Amanda Racen

Dr. Jalin Johnson has been my esteemed colleague for over 7 years.

Her passion for higher education and Brandman University impacts every person she comes into contact with.

Jalin has a unique ability to inspire others through her leadership and collaborative spirit.

She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her students and works diligently with her academic peers to advance the university’s service with our students’ best interests in mind.

As a lifelong learner, Jalin continuously seeks new ways to advance Bradman’s reach within its academic communities by sharing her expertise, often serving on committees and presenting at conferences to extend learning.

She has superior communication skills and builds personal connections that are meaningful and impactful.

I’m proud to call her my colleague and friend and recommend her abilities with my highest regard.

Lindsay Amanda Racen Dir, New Intiative Development, Marketing

Victoria Lim

I always picture Jalin Johnson standing tall in a light breeze, a cape flowing behind her and a large “L” on her shirt – for “leadership”, of course.

Fortunately, I know her not just as a fan of the comic book/superhero genre, but as one who makes anyone feel like they too can be a leader; someone who can stand up for the powerless and voiceless, be a critical thinker and thoughtful contributor to a conversation, a class, an organization and society.

I was fortunate to work with Jalin in two capacities: first, as the former assistant vice chancellor of communications for Brandman University, Jalin shared her perspectives in a monthly blog that related leadership teachings to pop culture. This made learning accessible – and interesting – to a wider audience, not just those studying for their BAOL or MAOL. She’s creative, relatable and smart. One example is her collaboration with professors from two other disciplines that resulted in a post showcasing Harry Potter-themed leadership lessons from several perspectives. It highlighted the broad expertise and education offered at Brandman University.

Second, on a personal note, she was also my first professor when I started pursuing my own degree. Her commitment to her students’ success was evident by the resources she shared, her accessibility, her thought-provoking conversations (even online) and general enthusiasm for wanting us to grow, learn and succeed.

Jalin is collaborative and inclusive.

She sees how diversity – thinking about it, teaching it, and representing it – can positively impact Brandman. She is a delight to work with and an inspiration for those of us working towards our degree.

Thank you for considering her promotion.

Victoria Lim, Vice President, Strategies360

Former Assistant Vice Chancellor of Communications, Brandman University



Lisa Steiner

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Jalin Johnson over the past several years on course developments, competency-based education development, and media projects. Dr. Johnson is a tremendous asset to Brandman University, and I am continuously impressed by her passion for our students’ success. She genuinely cares about each and every student, and it is apparent in our discussions and in her thoughtful approach to course design. I also appreciate Dr. Johnson’s commitment to quality courses and her attention to each detail and assignment. Dr. Johnson is a true professional and one of the most considerate people I have worked with. She always fosters a positive environment in each interaction. I can truly say that I consider Dr. Johnson not only an excellent developer, but also as a mentor. She has encouraged me to pursue my goals, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to continuously learn from her. Lisa Steiner Instructional Designer, CII

Jeff Fazakerley

Dr. Johnson and I have collaborated on numerous media projects for her course developments over the years. These collaborations are some of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I’ve had during my time at Brandman.

Collaborating with Dr. Johnson is a true delight because where some media projects end up being a delegation of tasks, the media we develop together is accomplished through the free exchange of ideas. Dr. Johnson’s desire to teach her students through innovative, dynamic and engaging instructional design is infectious.

She frequently goes above and beyond in her developments and selflessly lends her amazing vocal talent to other projects in her spare time. Her voice can be heard on numerous videos and interactive content that spans all of the schools at Brandman.

This is because her voice, much like her personality and work ethic, is kind, insightful and rich in diverse ideals.

Jeff Fazakerley, MFA Instructional Designer

Educational Media Brandman University T 949.341.9869 F 949.754.1340

Dr. J. Murphy

Dr. Johnson is the definition of professionalism at every turn, she sets the bar for herself high and asks her students and colleagues to join her in her relentless pursuit for excellence. We have collaborated on a variety of projects and her plethora of talents never cease to amaze me, from synthesizing complex content in ways that engage students and provide avenues for their learning, to looking at the whole Brandman community and working to create relationships that enlighten and inform how we meet the needs of our students, she embodies our mission and vision. I feel honored to know her and work alongside her, and my hope is to do so for many years to come.

Dr. J. Murphy

Dustin Domingo

Dr. Jalin B. Johnson and I have worked together in multiple capacities within Brandman University since 2011 when we were both employed at the Moreno Valley campus. When we first met, Jalin was the Manager of Community & Corporate Relations and I was a new hire as the campus Credential Specialist/One Stop Specialist. During our first year she has been a mentor to myself, my colleagues, and the students at Brandman University. Since then, she and I have both transitioned into different roles, and we have continued to work collaboratively to support Brandman University’s students. Throughout the time I have known Jalin, I have witnessed her transform and take on greater responsibilities. However, there are aspects of Jalin that remain consistent and appear to be built into her core values – and that is her commitment to empowering students to envision themselves in an elevated state and moreover developing their practical tool-kit to prepare them to take the next step towards that vision. Today, I am now in a Director position with Brandman University and I attribute much of my professional and personal growth to her guidance and mentorship. Dustin Domingo, MBA, MA Director of Credential Services Teacher Accreditation Department T: 949.341.9881 | F: 800.775.0128

Dr. Nakisha Castillo

Dear Dr. Bullock, I am extremely pleased to provide a letter of support on behalf of Dr. Jalin Johnson.

Dr. Johnson and I have worked collaboratively campus and conference wide, I found her to be a competent, conscientious, and very hard working professional, who has ensured the efficacy of many projects.

Dr. Johnson, has been both a mentor and a colleague to me.

During the years of working with her, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from her leadership skills. One of the reasons I admire Dr. Johnson, is she believes in positive motivation and those that she encounter are never dissatisfied with her leadership.

Dr. Johnson has great interpersonal skills- I would describe her as a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who has a great penchant for meeting deadlines.

Dr. Johnson, is able to be successful in the things that she does because when faced with challenges she is able to navigate them by seeking guidance, as well as she is never shy of hearing constructive criticism that help her to further develop into a professional and leader.

Dr. Johnson, exemplify many of Brandman University values, such as her flexibility, ability to practice inclusivity and diversity, and use of innovative ways in her leadership styles as she plans and leads various committees and conferences.

The knowledge and shared experiences that Dr. Johnson has imparted on me is invaluable.

Dr. Johnson special attributes for negotiation, communication, and leadership extend contributions to the University well beyond the bounds of her campuses and school.

Dr. Johnson, is an astute mentor, colleague, and professor who serves to model and support Brandman University mission and values.

Respectfully, Nakisha Castillo, DMFT Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Leigh Anne Wilson

I became acquainted with Dr. Johnson in her administrative role upon my arrival as a new full time faculty member assigned to the Moreno Valley campus in the fall of 2012. At the time, she was working on her Ed.D. degree, and we formed a positive, collegial relationship that has endured after our duties took us to other locations and focused on other responsibilities. “Then as the Brandman University Virtual Branch of the American Association of University Women began to solidify in 2015, our paths crossed again and we built upon our existing solid relationship. She was one of the first faculty members to become involved with this new initiative. Further, she spearheaded our AAUW branch’s commitment to diversity, serving as Diversity Chair and organizing and facilitating the Diversity Workshop that was held university-wide during Spring 2018 Retreat. “She has proven herself to be an innovator and a leader who is well respected and is able to get things done. She is clearly deserving of a promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.” Leigh Ann Wilson Associate Professor Arts & Sciences

Dr. Lata Murti

More than any other Brandman faculty I know, Dr. Jalin Johnson understands the importance of connection.

She makes it a point to reach out and support her colleagues not only when the need arises, but also whenever there is an opportunity to appreciate their ideas and accomplishments in any forum.

I will never forget the card I received from her at my Santa Maria campus office, in the summer of 2015, congratulating me for receiving the 2015 Brandman Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award. I am still so touched by the gesture, because she and I had hardly communicated with each other at that point. I didn’t even know that she knew who I was or that she had paid attention to my award, when she herself had received the 2015 Faculty of the Year Award for the School of Business and Professional Studies. Yet, she took the time to send me a hand-written note focusing on my achievement, even taking the time to look up my campus office address to make sure it reached me by mail.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Johnson for a panel presentation on using technology to teach and mentor military and veteran students, for the 2018 Hawaii International Conference on Education, and also as part of the BU-Virtual Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW)’s Committee on Diversity (CoD).

During both projects, Dr. Johnson’s pro-active collegiality distinguished her as a leader.

Indeed, as the 2017-2018 Diversity Chair for the BU-Virtual Branch of AAUW, Dr. Johnson initiated and led the Committee on Diversity (CoD).

I always looked forward to communicating with her, whether by e-mail or in a virtual meeting, as a member of both the conference panel and the CoD.

Dr. Johnson possesses an admirable talent for facilitating thoughtful and inclusive discussions. She listens carefully to everyone’s ideas, validates them, uses them as a point of departure for further collaboration, and makes sure that all actions taken respect everyone’s input, not just the input of a few. And she makes it look effortless!

I have learned so much from observing the way she runs meetings and presentations. And I can’t wait to collaborate with her further in the future!

Lata Murti, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology Online Campus T 323.309.7795 (cell)

Brandman University

Robert Brown

Dr. Jalin Johnson is amongst my professors in my undergrad studies that left a lasting impression on me. Dr. Johnson creates a learning environment that helps to relate key concepts and theories in an understandable way to all students. She encourages everyone in class to become involved and helps us to identify past accomplishments and failures that relate to course topics. Personally I was apprehensive to start my graduate work, my mind was set at ease when I found out Dr. Johnson would be my first professor towards a graduate degree. From my experience with her before, I knew that the course would not only be enjoyable but I would have a professor who knew how to reach her audience and help them become better leaders. She utilized tools like ice breakers, group projects and in class discussion that made class enjoyable and the highlight of my week. She utilized stories from personal experience and personally developed in class presentations that made every night in class memorable. Robert Brown

Erik Dye

In my experience as a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with 22 years of service I found that Professor Johnson was extremely intelligent, insightful and firm, but fair. I did not, in fact, expect my experience at Brandman to be a life altering experience, however it was and this is in large part due to Professor Johnson’s guidance and mentoring.

I entered Brandman University as I retired from the US Navy and having just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. I truly considered stepping away from school, but continued due to the engagement, perhaps the temporary escape from reality. I stayed at Brandman due to the challenge it brought me and the insight of professors, especially Professor Johnson.

There is a rare point in time where education, mentoring and growth flourish. I, personally, found this to be true Brandman University and specifically in Professor Johnson’s courses. To find a space, especially in these times, in which a respectful discourse could take place and one could freely speak their mind is rare. An environment in which students could agree to disagree and understand that this was acceptable is truly an infrequent event, but was the norm under Professor Johnson’s tutelage.

Erik Dye

Diamond Muganzo

In my five years at Brandman University, only two instructors (after our first class together) have I sought to sit under their teaching and Dr. Jalin Johnson is one.

In 2017, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies in which Dr. Johnson taught two of my required classes and one elective class. My first reaction to her was that she exudes confidence in not only her abilities to teach but also who she is as a person.

Her ability to command respect from her students and for her students to respect one another and their opinions is a breath of fresh air.

As an Assistant Professor at Brandman University, she exemplifies what Brandman University states on their website: “Discover the Brandman University Difference – Personalized Service From information meetings to registering for class to academic advising, our faculty and staff are committed to helping you access the resources and services you need to succeed at Brandman University” (Brandman University Staff, n.d.).

While under her instruction, she was ever available to answer any question she received and went out of her way to assist her students in succeeding at Brandman University. Her positive and uplifting attitude continually encourages her students to improve who they are and who they will become.

Just imagine the success her students will receive as the sit under her teaching as an Associate Professor.

Reference Brandman University Staff. (n.d.). Current Students. Retrieved Jul 24, 2018, from Brandman University:

Diamond L. Muganzo, B.A. Liberal Studies MAT – Multi-subject Teaching Pending 2019

Peter Dandrea

I have been around many leaders, some of the best who have helped lead me my journey. Leadership is about Love! A leader has to love what they do and love their followers. I took a long time, almost a decade, to make the decision to go back to college. I failed and dropped out in my younger years. I didn’t believe that I was capable of the work needed to earn a degree. Dr. Johnson’s love for her profession and the perfection of her craft not only inspired myself but many of my classmates. I looked forwarded to attending class and learning along side my classmates and to the wise words Dr. Johnson spoke to me. I watched her interactions with other classmates and heard how she impacted them in their journey. I believe there is no such thing as a self made man or woman. We all learn from others, we learn from the leaders who push us and inspire us, ultimately allowing us to show are true potential. Dr. Johnson loves her profession, she loves to teach and share knowledge. You have to truly care about others and by Dr. Johnson demonstrating this type of love, she has created a better tomorrow. I can honestly say I have taking much of my lessons in leadership to heart in serving the community that I was sworn in to protect. Dr. Johnson if time permits and I could speak to the Dean of Brandman let me know when! Peter D’Andrea

Kristen Grimes

As a student at Brandman University I had many instructors that helped me along the way, but I can honestly say that none challenged me in such a positive and meaningful way as Dr. Jalin Johnson. I am the type of student that wants to be pushed outside of my comfort zone as I enjoy growing and learning while proving to myself that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. In the courses that I took with Dr. Johnson I can say that I experienced just that. Dr. Johnson created an environment built on mutual trust and respect between not just the student and instructor, but student to student as well. We were encouraged to have what may be considered “hard” discussions; conversations on race and equity and gender discrimination and politics (all during a very contentious political season no less!), yet they were always done so in such a respectful manner as led by Dr. Johnson, that we could actually have civil discourse that encouraged us to see outside of our own limited points of view. Through those conversations and exercises I can honestly say that I’m not the same person that I was on Day 1. I am more tolerant, more aware of my own personal biases, more attune to strong ethical characteristics in myself and others, more capable of leading and following, and I’m more willing to stop and check my own thoughts and feelings prior to reacting. I learned more in the courses I took with Dr. Johnson than in any other courses I had the pleasure of attending; and that says a lot because I took away so many positives from my program of study. In addition to being challenged in the instructional setting, Dr. Johnson encouraged me on a personal level as well. As a woman in today’s world, I was able to see a strong, educated female working in academia in a way that inspired, and continues to inspire me to be more, do more, achieve more. Dr. Johnson encourages me to reach further, and through a large part of her modeling and influence, I know that I will reach further. I work in the education field and I see a lot of instructors; some good, some okay, and some that I hope I never end up in a class with. I can, without reservation, say that Dr. Johnson is the epitome of what an excellent instructor of the highest caliber is. I offer my highest possible recommendation in sending her forward for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor at Brandman University. I look forward with anticipation to the day when I get the opportunity to sit in Dr. Johnson’s class yet again. Sincerely, Kristen M. Grimes Class of 2018 Organizational Leadership

Dr. Lorena Medina

To Whom It May Concern, I am honored to write this on behalf of Dr. Jalin Johnson regarding the position of Associate Professor. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson during my doctoral journey at Brandman University. I met Dr. Johnson during an activity for doctoral candidates to meet prospective chairs. Right away she made me feel comfortable with her pleasant positive attitude. As my chair, she was instrumental in helping me develop from a doctoral candidate to doctor. Dr. Jalin Johnson was committed and dedicated at helping me succeed through any means. She made it a point to reached out to me via text, email, in person, or phone call and was always available when I needed to speak to her. Even when I felt like giving up or when I felt I was never going to finish my journey, Dr. Johnson encouraged me by helping me develop smaller goals and guiding me through them every step of the way. She made what seemed impossible possible. She gave me the support and tools I needed and for that I am forever grateful. Her wisdom and well wishes were always reflective of her as an inspirational leader. Dr. Jalin Johnson would be an instrumental part of any organization. Sincerely, Dr. Lorena Medina

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.~Lailah Gifty Akita

It is my distinct honor to contribute to the professional journey of such an amazing individual. From the first time Dr. Jalin Johnson and I met, she has been a role model that embodies the character traits of a leader.

Her relatable and authentic persona drew me in and her wealth of knowledge that she liberally pours out are the qualities that make her an exceptional mentor, professor, and dissertation chair.

I was blessed to have such an organized, supportive, and collaborative advisor as a doctoral candidate and even now as Dr. Kathryn Taylor. She fostered the greatness in me so that I could use my leadership qualities to achieve my goals at Brandman University.

Under her inspiring leadership, I was able to successfully complete my dissertation in only seven months after coursework. With her recommendation, I was chosen as the Doctoral Student Speaker at the 2017 commencement ceremony.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Johnson for the Associate Professor position at Brandman University.

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Dr. Tiffany Ware

Dr. Jalin Johnson: A true inspiration and role model. Coming into the Doctoral program at Brandman University I had no idea the relationships I would build or mentors I would gain for a lifetime. Dr. Jalin Johnson has been not only been a mentor, but a counselor, teacher, role model, leader, and someone I would consider a close family member. I will never forget meeting her at immersion during the meet the chairs. I had no idea I would find my dissertation chair during this time, but when I spoke with Dr. Johnson, I knew instantly that she would get me to the finish line. The first words that came out of her mouth were “I am on your team and I want to get you done.” I will never forget these words because as a leader you know that in order to be successful you have to have a good support team that will get you where you need to be. From that day forward Dr. Johnson stood by those words and December 10th, 2018 I was officially announced Dr. Tiffany Ware.

Without her motivation, strength, and drive to push me to the finish line, I do not think I would have finished. Until this very day her quote “Be well” has stuck with me. Though it is so simple, these words always sit with me and put a smile on my face because I know she genuinely means it.

She has the true characteristics of a leader and I thank God for her passion to help students be the best and bring the best out of them.

Another quote she stands by is by Dr. Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” If this quote does not reflect Dr. Johnson to the core I do not know what else does.

Dr. Johnson makes sure her students feel appreciated and respected during classes and even after they are completed.

Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for being the motivation in my life and standing by me to ensure that I would be the leader I set out to be.

With Great Honor,

Dr. Tiffany D. Ware

US Army Veteran & CEO of Veteran Confessions

Dr. Diana Cabori

Intelligence, innovation, determination, compassion, and grace are just a few nouns to describe Dr. Jalin Johnson. During our time together in the outreach department, Jalin served as a mentor and subject matter expert for the outreach team regarding strategic planning for partnerships and recruitment; especially the new Ed.D. program. Jalin is also a captivating speaker who I have enjoyed watching on a few occasions regarding ethics as it aligns to leadership, and Brandman My Path as a viable modality for prospects who were motivated and sought the ultimate in flexibility. Additionally, Jalin has been generous with her time via updating the outreach team on a breadth of programs on the Outreach Friday Calls as well as through attending meetings and conferences to help potential students determine their educational paths and how attending Brandman befitted their goals. Moreover, Jalin is passionate about students realizing their potential and increasing their self-efficacy. Further, her willingness to stretch her thinking and broaden her mindset combined with her patience and encouragement make her a rare gem and asset for our students and her colleagues. Diana Cabori, Ed.D. Senior Business Developer, School of Extended Education T 949.491.6855

Nancy Salzman, Esq.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jalin Johnson throughout the time that I’ve been at Brandman University.  Jalin has always demonstrated knowledge of our students’ and organizational partners’ needs in working with them to provide education and training services aligned with the Brandman mission and vision while also aligning with the students’ and partners’ mission and vision.  

On an externally focused basis, Jalin listens closely to our organization clients’ discussions of their workforce needs and skill gaps.  She has prepared and delivered education and training to those organizations resulting in a continuing request for her services.

Internally, Jalin has mentored instructors and staff working with School of Extended Education in order to assist our Brandman workforce in engaging our student and organization client base and providing high quality education and training.

Please accept this as my recommendation for the promotion of Jalin Johnson.

Nancy Salzman

Dr. Barbara Bartels

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Jalin Johnson. In my opinion, Dr. Johnson has been a huge asset to Brandman University since I met her in 2009. Dr. Johnson and I previously worked together in the strategic business development department, both as managers of community relations. As we moved through our long tenure at Brandman, Dr. Johnson completed her doctorate degree and moved into a full-time faculty member in the School of Business.

I have been fortunate enough to get to continue working with Dr. Johnson, even in her role as Faculty. We have worked together during our Ed.D. professional development days, immersions, and, more recently, Dr. Johnson asked me to participate in her Professional Development Day for the Inland and High Desert campuses. The day was so amazing, with a great group of faculty members present. Dr. Johnson planned a full day of professional learning which was inclusive, interactive and all around collaborative. I was proud to represent outreach at this event. Dr. Johnson is simply a pleasure to work with! She is always 100% willing and able to support the outreach division in our efforts to promote this program. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson be awarded a position of associate profession. She would be simply amazing.

Feel free to call me directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Barbara Bartels (Electronic) Barbara Bartels Asst Vice Chancellor Brandman University Phone: 925-930-2012

0 Walnut Creek Campus ● 2950 Buskirk Ave., Suite 200 ● Walnut Creek, CA 94597 ● 925-930-2000 ● Fax: 925-930-2001 ●

Kathleen Calhoun

Intelligent and team player are two words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Jalin Johnson.

I came to know Jalin when we began working together over ten years ago, at Brandman University, in the Outreach Division.

She was a dependable colleague to me in Outreach and in her current capacity, as a faculty member, she continues to be an asset to us in Outreach.

I remain in awe of Dr. Johnson’s ability to lead a presentation and articulate a concept.

Dr. Johnson’s students are fortunate to have her as a professor and a resource; I’ve seen her dedication to them first-hand, and it is to be commended.

I’ll never forget her ability to motivate our team through her thoughtfulness and creatively; her talents are missed in our meetings. As a team member or leader, Dr. Jalin Johnson earns my highest recommendation.

~ Kitty Calhoun, MBA Best regards, Kitty H. Calhoun, MBA Strategic Business Development – California/Washington Brandman University

Antelope Valley Campus C 661.618.5524

Mathew Venegas

Dr. Jalin Johnson is the quintessential “go to” person for numerous and diverse areas of subject matter expertise. It is a tremendous benefit to have a faculty member with extensive experience in outreach (sales), marketing and student advisement (both in education and business) while working predominantly in her current role as Assistant Professor. Dr. Johnson is incredibly well-received and regularly needed by the Outreach Team for presentations, concept meetings with new and existing partners and for training to name a few.

Matt Venegas, MBA Assist. Vice Chancellor, Business Development Strategic Business Development

T 949-341-9980 C 949-330-3225

Dr. Shelly Neal

My name is Shelly Neal, Ph.D., and I work as the Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives at Brandman University. I have known Dr. Jalin Johnson for almost ten years, and during some of that time I served as her supervisor. Dr. Johnson is a positive, professional individual who is well liked and respected by her students and peers. She is a team player and is always willing to help out on any project she can benefit.

Dr. Johnson transferred from my division to the School of Business and Professional Studies. She continues to help the Outreach Division by providing training sessions on group calls, representing faculty at community outreach events, and presenting at professional conferences and workshops. She is incredibly patient and generous with her experience and expert knowledge.

Dr. Johnson is very loyal to Brandman University and we are fortunate to be represented by someone of her caliber. I understand she is up for promotion. I have no hesitation giving her my highest recommendation. We are lucky to have her as part of our Brandman team. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Shelly Neal, Ph.D.

Dr. Shelly Neal Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives

T 949.542.0331 C 949.542.0331

Dr. Sharon Floyd

Dear Faculty Personnel Committee:

I am writing this letter in support of Dr. Jalin Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor within the School of Business and Professional Studies. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Johnson for the past four years, and have come to know her as a proactive and engaged member of our faculty team. She continually looks for ways to bring our team together, whether it be through more formal avenues – such as faculty or curriculum team discussions, or through more informal gatherings, with faculty from other schools.

Dr. Johnson’s positive approach to her work, is enjoyable to observe. She is confident stepping outside of the traditional boundaries of her role, and is always willing to partner with other schools and departments to produce quality work. Whether it’s coordinating the Annual Inland Empire Personnel Development Days, working with the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) on voice-over projects, participating on Brandman’s Internal Review Board (IRB), or partnering with the doctoral students in the School of Education, she can be counted on to contribute wholeheartedly, and with excellence!

In addition to her work with faculty and staff, her contributions to student success, is also noted. A couple of years ago, she had a group of Inland Empire students that needed a little more hand-holding than the general student population. She took this group of adult learners, and paired them with full-time faculty, in an effort to provide career counseling and support. Dr. Johnson moves with confidence, when working in even the most challenging of situations — never wavering, and always looking to provide opportunities that “stretch” her students.

Dr. Johnson was the first of our faculty team, to complete the BCDC Program, and has continued to implement the tools and lessons learned while engaging in the program. She is an advocate for quality curriculum, and executes with excellence, during the revision of current courses, and the development of new courses and programs.

Lastly, for the reasons stated above — and many more — I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor, within the School of Business and Professional Studies.

All the Best,
Sharon R. Floyd, EdD, SHRM-SCP
Associate Dean, School of Business and Professional Studies

Dr. Monica Shukla-Belmontes

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Jalin B. Johnson over the past four years. During this time, Dr Johnson has gone above and beyond her role as a faculty member to bring light to the university’s strategic objectives.

In addition to her role teaching and mentoring students and adjunct faculty as a full-time faculty member, Jalin has also done extensive work with outreach associates, the School of Education, and the Inland Empire campuses. Specifically, she has led presentations for doctoral students during Immersion and been the lead coordinator of Adjunct Faculty professional development opportunities for the Riverside County faculty.

Through these networking opportunities and connections between campus affiliates, Jalin helps to create synergy to positively promote student retention. Her university efforts and quality of her teaching style have earned her recognition as the recipient of the Chancellor’s C.A.F.E. Award, School of Business and Professional Studies Faculty of the Year Award, and university-wide Faculty of the Year Award. In addition, she has been a member of the IRB Committee and Faculty Personnel Committee, which provide a campus-wide service to the institution. More specifically, as an Associate Dean, I have worked closely with Jalin with respect to Program Assessments and Program Reviews, the development of the CBE programs (BBA/MAOL), curriculum updates, and numerous conference presentations. She clearly understands the process through which our course learning outcomes must align back to the program and institutional learning outcomes, and has collaborated to develop more streamlined course rubrics. The quality of her work exemplifies both her leadership skills and understanding of effective curriculum design. She serves as an example of effective teaching, mentoring, and collegiality. It has been a pleasure co-presenting with Dr. Johnson at the American Association of University & Colleges conference regarding the competency-based education programs. Overall, I strongly recommend that Dr. Johnson receive the promotion to Associate Professor as she exemplifies quality in leadership and academia. All the best, Monica Monica Shukla-Belmontes, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Curriculum, Assurance of Learning and Tutorial Faculty Affairs Assistant Professor, Business Administration T 714.606.9001

Dr. Sam Bresler

Dear Dr. Bullock:


I have known Dr. Jalin Johnson in several capacities within Brandman University during the past five years.

First, Dr. Johnson and I have served as members of the Dissertation Committee of a former colleague and executive at Brandman University – Dr. Ram Singh. Dr. Johnson was a strong contributor to Dr. Singh’s learning process and reflective feedback. The questions posed by Dr. Johnson following Dr. Singh’s proposal defense and final defense presentations were insightful, carefully probing Dr. Singh’s assumptions, observations and conclusions. Her suggestions were delivered clearly but with collegial gracefulness.

I have also served with Dr. Johnson as a member of the School of Business and Professional Studies’ Public Administration, Human Resources and Organizational Leadership Curriculum Team (PAHROL CT). Dr. Johnson continues to demonstrate her commitment to the highest standards in course design. The contributions that she has made in the (re)design of her own courses, along with the ideas that she has shared with PAHROL CT colleagues who surfaced their own proposed curriculum changes, were substantial and delivered with care and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

Finally, during the past few months, I have been privileged to serve with Dr. Johnson as a member of the Brandman University Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). In addition to serving in an active capacity as a facilitator within our Chapter, Dr. Johnson has been in the forefront of communicating to our members the importance of responding to the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) call for higher education institutions to “…fulfill the promise of American Higher Education by promoting diversity and equity.”  

To summarize, Dr. Johnson communicates with eloquence, persuasiveness and passion. She continues to actively serve the needs of Brandman University’s students, faculty colleagues, and the institution as a whole. She is energetic and continuously displays a collegial and collaborate communications style. She has also been gifted with the ability to communicate complex concepts in a manner that enables rapid assimilation and understanding.

I believe that Dr. Johnson fully deserves elevation to the role of Associate Professor, and I’m honored to share my perspectives on her capabilities.  



Sam Bresler


Samuel J. Bresler, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP

Special Assistant to the Provost

Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Affairs

School of Business and Professional Studies

Professor, Human Resources and Business Administration

Dr. Laura Galloway

Dr. Jalin Johnson and I have worked together for over 5 years, and during that time I have watched her collaborate, partner, facilitate, lead, improve and guide several important initiatives and processes for the university. Jalin is professional with every person she is in contact with and in every way. Dr. Johnson, has demonstrated an active interest and aptitude for excellence in teaching, mentoring and service to the University. She received the “Faculty of the Year” award as voted on my the entire University faculty body. She was a member of the inaugural BCDC program launched by BU’s CII department. Her development work continues to be a highlight and has set a new standard of interaction and engagement for course development. Furthermore, she continues to support, guide and mentor students through the difficult process of creating and writing their dissertations in the EdD program. Dr. Johnson is one of the most involved and collaborative faculty members I have seen at Brandman. She is the Diversity director of the AAUW committee, she coordinates and leads the Meniffee Business Advisory Board as well as the Faculty Training for the Ontario Campus. Dr. Johnson is an excellent instructor, innovative course developer, powerful mentor, strategic promoter, and dependable colleague. Dr. Johnson’s work will continue to drive Brandman University into the next level of excellence. Laura M. Galloway, PhD Assistant Professor, Business and Professional Studies Cell: 858.353.9956

Dr. Gale Mazur

I fully support the recommendation to promote Dr. Jalin Johnson to Associate Professor. In collaborating with her on numerous projects, I’ve found she is a congenial team player who is committed to excellence and innovation in all she does.

Examples include:

ILO Revisions: Collaborating with the Assessment Office, Dr. Johnson and I are leading a project to update and merge the ILO and PLO curriculum maps for the BBA, BAOL and BSCT programs; this effort includes significant revisions to signature assignments.

Course Design: Having completed BCDC, Dr. Johnson works closely with Cii, the Curriculum Team and adjuncts in reviewing and revising courses to ensure they are relevant and current. My oversight courses have benefited from collaborating with her on updates.

Program Assessments/Reviews: Dr. Johnson has actively contributed to several BAOL and MAOL program assessments and reviews, and implemented action plan recommendations in courses for which she has oversight. Her understanding and commitment to these important processes is impressive.

Teaching: I frequently have students who praise Dr. Johnson as an outstanding instructor and mentor who willing shares her expertise These are just a few of many examples of Dr. Johnson’s leadership and commitment. She is a dedicated faculty member who role models Brandman’s values.

Gale Mazur, Ed.D. Associate Professor Organizational Leadership and Human Resources Business and Professional Studies Brandman University T 949.300.7055

Dr. Ellen Derwin

It is my pleasure to support Dr. Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor.

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Johnson on curriculum and assessment projects for the School of Business and Professional Studies. In particular, I was fortunate that Jalin volunteered to serve in a leadership role to integrate Institutional Learning Outcomes with Program Learning Outcomes.

This project was a large institution-wide initiative that required a rich understanding of assessment. Jalin not only demonstrated a thorough understanding of program assessment, but she also shared dedicated enthusiasm for work that many faculty do not easily embrace.

Jalin’s commitment resulted in improved signature assignments and rubrics, which contribute to enhanced curriculum, teaching, and learning. In my experience with Dr. Johnson, I have admired her perseverance, sincere concern for students and colleagues, and upbeat attitude.

Ellen Baker Derwin, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Assessment and Planning Associate Dean, Curriculum and Assurance of Learning

School of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor, Communications

T 949.706.7214 C 714-308-5646

Twyla Tanaka

I am delighted to write a message in support of for Dr. Johnson’s promotion to Associate Professor.

In my nine years at Brandman University, I have had the pleasure of working with Jalin on curriculum and assessment related activities for the School of Business and Professional Studies.

As seen in my list below, Jalin has positively contributed to the continuous improvement efforts at the university. She has been a part of ground-breaking initiatives such as the new degree program in CBE MA in Organizational Leadership and has impacted all aspects of the Program Assessment and Program Review process.

She demonstrates a thorough understanding of assessment at Brandman which has resulted in improved signature assignments and rubrics.

I have found her to be collegial with all those she works with, whether it be staff, faculty, or students.

Examples of Assessment/Curriculum Projects:

Subject Matter Expert for the new CBE in MA in Organizational Leadership program. She provided syllabi, final assessments, and rubrics for one of the competencies which was used for the final WSCUC proposal.

Partnered with Gale Mazur on revisions to the credit hour MA in Organizational Leadership program following the Fall 2017 Program Assessment.

Partnered with Gale Mazur to lead the ILO transition in the School of Business and Professional Studies.

As course developer, revised OLCU-425 along with the signature assignment an rubric.

Assisted with gathering students and alumni for the Fall 2017 BA in Organizational Leadership Program Review.

In numerous Program Assessments, Jalin collaborated with the Assessment Office in reaching out to adjunct faculty regarding upcoming adjunct surveys. Her direct correspondence has yielded high response rates for the surveys.

Served as External Reviewer in the Fall 2015 BA in Criminal Justice Program Review.

Twyla Tanaka Dir of Accredation/Assessment, Institutional Planning


Annette Ceccotti

Dr. Jalin Johnson has made significant contributions to Brandman University. From her role as Manager for Community and Corporate Relations to her current role as Assistant Professor, she is someone who fully dedicates herself to her position.

She was instrumental in our initial recruitment efforts for the Doctor in Organizational Leadership and was also responsible for collaborating with the administrative team in developing the workflow for the accelerated BBA to MBA program.

Both were very successful initiatives!

Every time I have worked with Dr. Jalin Johnson, I have found her to conduct herself with the utmost level of professionalism, commitment, and service to our prospects, students, and community.

Besides being such an asset to the university and our community, she is wonderful to work with and embodies the Brandman values of innovation, service, respect, integrity and teamwork.

I highly recommend Dr. Johnson for promotion to Associate Professor!

Annette Ceccotti Assistant Vice Chancellor for Admission Office of Admission T 949.341.9839 F 866.659.1143

Susan Galindo

As a One Stop representative our goal is to support our student’s educational journey from the beginning to the end, (graduation day).

Our work is special because we get to interact with the students throughout their programs. We establish relationships and respect for each other to ensure all communication lines are open at all times.

The most important part of our job is to offer our support the best we know how, with the help of our team, anything is possible. We are responsible for the success of our students, to ensure they complete their programs and have the confidence to reach for their dream job. Without the support of our Adjuncts the success of the student’s journey would not be possible.

There are times, as a one stop student services, that we are requested by our students to reach out to Adjunct to create a better understanding of the course. There are some students who prefer having a mentor to fall back on for any additional questions regarding their program and our Adjunct are willing to take that role.

As a One Stop, having a good relationship with our Adjunct creates a positive culture, and allows us as a team to assist our students throughout their educational journey. Working together with our Adjunct has been a positive experience in Ontario as the team and the students know that we are all here to support them.

Thank you for all your support Dr. Johnson, you are a great role model, not only for Adjunct, but also for our team.

Susan Galindo One Stop Student Services 909-980-2246

Kevin Keith

I first met Dr. Jalin Johnson over ten years ago, while we both were assigned to the Moreno Valley/Temecula Campus. Since that time, I have personally witnessed Dr. Johnson’s hard work and dedication to the staff, faculty, and students of Brandman University.

Dr. Johnson has greatly contributed to the success of our students, both past, and present. Students continuously report positive interactions with her and rarely is there a time when a former student does not mention how much they appreciated Dr. Johnson and the assistance that she provided to them.

Dr. Johnson also has this same dedication to faculty and staff. As an adjunct faculty, I have appreciated her counsel and assistance on questions/concerns that I have had regarding a class or student issue. And even though we no longer work at the same campus, nor are our daily activates intertwined, Dr. Johnson continues to make herself available when needed – and to foster the friendship that began over a decade ago.

Kevin Keith, M.A. Senior Academic Advisor T 951-697-0111 F 951-653-5891

Vandalyn Crayton

There is a positive link between adjunct/faculty staff and student retention when efforts are made in conjunction with the advising community. Here at Brandman we have made great strides with the relationship developed between the advising group and our adjunct/faculty personnel. Students have experienced greater success as the lines of communication between the faculty and advisors is prominent ensuring students are staying on task, attending classes, and being plugged into available resources to assist with the day-to-day challenges many students face. I would attribute some of this success to the professional development workshops that have been developed here at our campus. We have faculty, deans, adjuncts, and advisors who attend and brainstorm on how best to address the needs of our students. These developmental workshops give each of us insight to the varying levels of interaction the student might have to better understand their needs and options for solving their educational challenges. Vandalyn Crayton

Dr. Donald Scott

It is with great pleasure and a true honor that I may offer a few words to support Dr. Jalin Johnson for promotion in rank to Associate Professor at Brandman University.

I have been an Academic Advisor at Brandman since 2004 and the Director of Advising and Retention Services since 2014. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Johnson for a number of years and have always found her to be thoughtful and collaborative while defining what it means to be student-centric.

I have truly appreciated the many opportunities she has initiated over the years to engage me, the rest of our academic advising staff, and adjunct faculty in her mission of helping every student find the support and success that they deserve.

Whether it was a chance for me to address the bi-annual adjunct professional development meeting she helps coordinate or her willingness to seek my help in connecting a student with their Academic Advisor, Dr. Johnson is a measure to which all University faculty should be compared.

Finally, and on more personal note, I consider Dr. Johnson an inspiring role model and mentor as I consider future steps in my career.

Donald B. Scott, Ed.D. Director, Advising and Retention Services

Miguel Aranda

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson for the past 6 years at Brandman University and a few years prior while I was at the University of Redlands.

In all of my interactions with her, she has demonstrated several key characteristics/qualities including professionalism, care and concern for the well-being of her students and a capability to demonstrate effective teaching.

As a Director, I have always welcomed her to Menifee classrooms because the students love her classes and the quality of instruction she provides.

Also as a Director I am astounded by the amount of course development, committee work, and community work she does on behalf of the University.

She has personally helped me with workshops at the City of Menifee, and with growing the business courses at the campus.

I highly recommend her for the promotion to Associate Professor as she is a tireless advocate for the quality of instruction and coursework and faculty that make Brandman University the choice for business students in our community.

Miguel Aranda Site Director

28237 La Piedra Road Menifee, California 92584 Bldg. 2008

951- 676-1784 | Fax: 951-308-2607 | Text: 951-595-3234

Phil Arnold

It has been my pleasure to work with Jalin Johnson at Brandman University for the past approximately ten years. We first worked together as colleagues in advising, though at different campuses, and later were able to collaborate as full-time faculty and campus director.

In the time I have worked with Jalin, I have known her to be exceptionally dedicated to our students.

She has the ability to form meaningful relationships with our students and is able to impart a sense of confidence in them while encouraging an attitude of curiosity and desire for life-long learning.

She consistently brings a positive attitude toward her work which is infectious for both students and colleagues. Jalin also has proven to be a very competent leader.

I support her advancement through the process for the position of Associate Professor. Best regards, Philip Arnold

San Diego Director

Niki Santo

Dr. Johnson has always shown the utmost commitment to student success and campus success through the various roles she has played at the university.

We have collaborated numerous times on adjunct professional development and she is always available for consultation on best practices within the School of Business and Professional Studies. Additionally, her deep expertise on matters of organizational development, team building, and coaching, have been invaluable in helping me as a campus leader improve our organization.

Niki V. Santo Director Walnut Creek Campus Brandman University T 925.930.2002 F 925.930.2001

Dr. Nicole Schneider

Dedicated, passionate, selfless, diligent, these are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing Dr. Jalin Johnson. I was fortunate enough to be placed at Jalin’s campus when I first started at Brandman. I appreciated her mentorship and friendship during my first year at the university. Jalin’s leadership skills stand out above others. I have admired her tireless leadership as she planned bi-annual professional development workshops for our local campuses as well as the recent presentation at the Academic Resource Conference in Sacramento. She always kept us on track and moving forward. These experiences were much less daunting for me because of her organization and professionalism. Jalin’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident through everything she does. She genuinely cares about the university, her colleagues, students, and her profession. I am inspired by Jalin’s passion for life and work and humbled to be her colleague. Nicole Schneider, Ed.D.

Dr. Leticia Rojas

Jalin was one of the first faculty members who reached out to me when I first started at Brandman and has provided ongoing mentorship and support, as well as demonstrated outstanding leadership. In the past years, I have collaborated with Jalin on various projects, one of which was organizing several large-scale Professional Development conferences for adjunct instructors in order to strengthen the instructional leadership of our university. These events were always largely attended and given high marks by instructors, in large part to Jalin’s determined leadership and organization. We even presented on this successful partnership at the WASC conference this past year. All in all, Jalin is the type of professor that I aim to be—ambitious, intelligent, grounded in community, innovative, and full of integrity. I can’t think of anyone who is more worthy of promoting. Leticia Rojas, Ed.D., NBCT Assistant Professor, Brandman University- Ontario Campus T. 323.369.2365

Susanne Eisenhart

I am pleased to be asked to recommend my colleague Dr. Jalin Johnson for an associate professor promotion at Brandman University. In the six years that I have known Dr. Johnson, I have found her to be remarkably knowledgeable in business and professional studies, as well as brilliant and forward thinking in the arena of ethics. For example, the OCLU 350 ethics course that I have had the opportunity to teach, and one of several that Dr. Johnson has developed, creates a learning opportunity for both the instructor and student that comprises demonstrable theories that present the relevant skills for today’s leaders and ethical challenges. Dr. Johnson’s work on and leadership of the Faculty Professional Development meetings that encompass several regional campuses is not only informative and insightful, but her delightful and warm spirit generates sincere appreciation from all (from otherwise what could be a less favorable meeting). Dr. Johnson’s unsullied academic knowledge is matched only by the depth and breadth of her work on empowerment and leadership. Thus she brings great honesty and credibility to her profession, and will add both richness of mind and high teaching skills to any faculty on which she serves. On a personal level, I describe Jalin in terms of strong qualities. She is remarkably open-minded, willing to see the value in other people’s perspective, and reserves judgment. Jalin is genuine and I know I can all upon her for her honesty and mentorship which I can testify remain an endearing quality. Susanne Eisenhart Campus Director Victorville Campus Brandman University T 760-955-7555 F 760-955-7444

Kristin Plapis


Dean Worthington:

As the Director for the Riverside campus, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jalin Johnson since November of 2010. This letter is to show my support for your consideration to promote her to Associate Professor.

Jalin is actively involved at the campus level, representing Brandman University and the School of Business and Professional Studies through volunteer and professional activities for and around the Ontario, Riverside and Menifee campuses. She takes the lead on all faculty meetings (Professional Development Days) and is greatly esteemed amongst her peers.

Jalin is known at the campus for her respectful demeanor as well as her teamwork mentality and is genuinely interested in the success of the campuses and our students. As an instructor in the SBPS, I have often tapped on her shoulder to help guide me through tough student questions and issues.

I would certainly recommend that Jalin be promoted to full professor – she truly deserves it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


Brandman University, Moreno Valley Campus 3550 Vine St. Ste. 200, Riverside, CA 92507 Phone: (951) 697-0111 Fax: (951) 653-5891

Kristin Plapis Campus Director

Patrick Pierson


I would like to take this time to give a heartfelt recommendation for Dr. Jalin Johnson, who is currently an Assistant Professor, Business & Organizational Leadership for Brandman University. I have personally worked with Jalin for over 4 years while she was a Full time Faculty at the Ontario Brandman University. Jalin has play a valuable role in the success of the campus by supporting not just the University staff and the adjunct professors, but assisting me as the Campus Director by establishing professional development training and mentoring for adjunct professors and with hiring professors, interviewing candidates and also designing avenues that have improved the institutions level of excellence. Jalin is always positive, and ready to roll up her sleeves to help the team even outside her job scope. As one of the strongest Full time Faculty Professors, Jalin has been involved in many avenues of course development with the University, which never took her away from her job assignment at the Campus. She has also went beyond her assignments to assist other Brandman University Campuses with mentoring, adjunct support and assisting with program design. I have always been impressed with Jalin’s motivation and her high level drive.


Patrick Pierson

Campus Director

Brandman University, Ontario Campus

3990 Concours Drive, Suite 100 Ontario, California 91764

Ian Grimbaldeston

I am sending this to outline my experience of working with Jalin, not only as a course overseer but also as a course designer. From my perspective of Jalin in support of adjuncts that has to be a absolute positive. It is my policy to always find out who is the course caretaker whenever I start a new session, simply because of knowing where to turn for help if needed. I find most of the oversight at Brandman good to great, my experience of Jalin is great to exceptional. I have found her to be responsive, insightful, WISE and competent. She knows here stuff AND she knows not only what it is like to teach the shell but also how to work with someone else teaching the shell. She supports innovation, experimentation and above all engagement. I have no complaints from this perspective and am delighted when I find out its Jalin In regards to the development of materials and course design. I have taught several times 2 of the courses I know are hers, both in the Maters in OL….The second is OLCU 601 Democracy and Ethics. Another great course that has such range and depth. Again I taught it as a developmental process using Kohlberg, Erikson and Jalins article on what I call “narratives” (framing) ECP (Experience, Context and Perception)…which is a crossover concept between so many courses. Another great course which is personally challenging and significantly reflective. I have found these course so well thought through, executed AND logical! Anyhow, one adjuncts perspective on both development of and support of core components. If you have any questions, do let me know. Ian Grimbaldeston

Dr. Nate Sexton

Throughout my time at Brandman I have found Jalin to be a wonderful resource from her willingness to answer any questions, to her thoughtful responses. While she has helped me to better navigate through questions I have at times about the Brandman system, it really can’t be stated enough her ability to understand and connect with students.

She was able to offer guidance and support as I looked for way to better connect to students through an online world.

Recently while teaching one of her redesigned shells, I was reminded of how she stays student focused and helps to lay things out in a manner that are easy to follow and be understood.

Dr. Nate Sexton

John “Jay” Hawes

“Over the last several years, it has been a great pleasure to work closely with Jalin Johnson in the OLCU courses that I teach online for Brandman University. She has consistently done a thorough job of overseeing the courses I teach and revising them from time to time which is not an easy task. She has done a superior job of communicating with the faculty under her and keeping them well informed. Whenever there has been a curriculum or course-related issue, Jalin has been easy to get in touch with and has always offered professional and helpful advice. She has guided the faculty as a team when updating and improving online courses. The improvements I’ve seen her produce consistently maintain the rigor of the courses as well as key academic objectives. I continue to value her as a mentor and guide with regard to teaching and curriculum development. Sincerely, John Hawes, MIM 916-715-4071 (cell – PST) Adjunct Faculty Member for Chapman and Brandman Universities since 1993” John (Jay) Hawes, MIM Adjunct Instructor since 1993 916-715-4071

Marisol Alaniz

Jalin is an inspired andragogic and phenomenal mentor to her students. Her engagement with students goes beyond coaching and encouragement to deep and critical conversations that helps students reach their potential. I am grateful for her work in the Ed.D. Program, as an instructor, presenter, and keynote speaker. Students disclose that Jalin is personable and compassionate and that it is evident that she leads from the heart. In addition to being a phenomenal professor and the recipient of the 2017 Faculty of the Year Award, she is a kindhearted person and a dear friend. My work at Brandman as an Administrator and Adjunct Faculty member would not be the same without Jalin. She has truly made my life richer for knowing her. Sr. Doc Program Support Spec, Organizational Leadership

Dr. John Besaw

Dr. Jalin Johnson is highly regarded as an educator who collaborates and visibly supports her Adjunct Faculty teams.

She is positive, supportive and a caring role model who understands collaborative communication processes and develops strong student-centered teams.

She understands the complexity and challenges of online learning, while providing needed encouragement and guidance to adjunct faculty team members. Her support, encouragement, and guidance have been instrumental to success. I consider Jalin as a trusted and experienced colleague.

In areas where I struggle, I have depended on Jalin to provide advice and connect me to the main campus. During these times it has been a two-way experience as she provides advice and perspective.

There is no doubt that she has a very significant positive impact. I appreciate her commitment of time and energy. She has always been there when needed.

Please accept my enthusiastic support of Dr. Jalin Johnson for advancement to Associate Professor. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Moreover, I feel we owe it to our students and the institution to have Dr. Jalin Johnson become an Associate Professor!

Sincerely, John Besaw, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Tess Breen

Dr. Johnson has been an incredible mentor and support system to me over the past 4 years.

She was my first point of contact as a first-time adjunct instructor and has become a friend along the way.

Dr. Johnson has helped me develop in my career as a result of the valuable Professional Development Meetings she orchestrates and she also encouraged me to further my own career by pursuing my Ed.D degree at Brandman.

If that wasn’t enough, she is now serving as a committee member on my dissertation.

There is no end to her support and encouragement! In addition to her personal and professional skills, which are impressive, I view Dr. Johnson as an important agent of positive change in the School of Business and Professional Studies as she represents a diverse and inclusive perspective which benefits every member of the University.

I just cannot recommend her more highly!

She has made a tremendous impact on my personal and professional life and I cannot think of anyone worthier of an elevated position at Brandman.

Tess Breen, M.A. Adjunct Professor, Organizational Leadership | Communications Brandman University